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'On her knees and in Russian': Natalia Vodianova told how Antoine Arnault made her an offer



37-year-old Natalia Vodianova said that she received a marriage proposal from her lover a year ago, and not now, as many might have thought, writes


At the beginning of 2020, Natalia Vodianova demonstrated a rather impressive engagement ring, which was presented to her by the civil spouse Antoine Arnault. A little later it became known that the proposal of the son of the richest man on the planet (from January 18, 202), Bernard Arnaud made models much earlier - in February 2019.

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Then the beloved, who have been in a relationship for 9 years and raise two common children, were in Qatar, where Natalya celebrated her 37th birthday.

“It was completely unexpected. But Antoine did everything to demonstrate his true intentions about me. It turned out like in a fairy tale: he is on his knees and makes an offer ... in Russian, ”the model said on her YouTube channel.


For Arno, this marriage will be the first, but Vodianova will go down the aisle for the second time. In 2011, she divorced Justin Portman - they were married for 10 years and raised three children together.

“I was a mother mother, and he was little interested in the lives of children. Justin adored them, but he is not one of those fathers who redeem a child or make sure everyone walks. In the end, he outweighed all the responsibilities on me, and this isolated him from us, because the family needs to experience all these wonderful moments together, ”Natalya said in an interview with Porter in 2017.

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Then Vodianova shared why she was in no hurry to marry Antoine: “I already feel that we are married. And if everything is so good - why change something? A stamp in your passport will definitely not make our relationship better. ”

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