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What tricks I had to go to take the child to a good school


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On average, one student per year costs taxpayers $ 11. It is clear that in New York the price is higher, but in some Alabama it is lower. But on average, so.

Do we have a problem with the placement of children in school? As a mother of three I say - there is. Again, in the same New York, enrolling a child in an elementary school, on the one hand, is not a problem - take information about vaccinations (absolutely not without them), a birth certificate, some kind of your document and proof of address. About the latter - in more detail, because here is the problem - everyone is usually assigned to schools at the place of residence. No, there are private schools, charter schools ... but in general, I'm talking about municipal ones. So, you live at a certain address and there is a good school 5 minutes from you. And at 10 - not a fountain. And you may well be the one that is not a fountain, which has low ratings.

A rating is a set of metrics by which a school is judged, from the level of education of teachers to how well children take state tests.

State tests pass from the third grade or in the third to fourth year of schooling (it depends on whether the child went to school in 4 of the year or in 5 years).

You can kick me and call me racist, but I have not yet met a single school in New York that, with a prevailing number of Mexican students, would have good ratings. If you do decide to kick it, please show me such a school first. Mexican kids are wonderful. They are kind, funny and outgoing. They usually speak two languages ​​perfectly. But they don't want to study. The Chinese and immigrants from the former USSR are learning like mad. There are many great schools where all children are black, and also with excellent ratings. The rating, by the way, is numbers from 1 to 10.

A school that consistently shows bad ratings can even be closed for a while, and the director who could not change the situation can only be dismissed.

So, I falsified documents 2 times so that my children did not end up in a school with a rating of “4”, and in the one where it was 8, then 9, and now it seems like 10 - I'll check it later.

Why? Because I just came from the former USSR ... I faked it, because the state represented by the state and the city hall did not give my children the opportunity to choose a school. They don't care that she is bad. But I don't ...

As a result, in another, strong school, Gurik became the best student of graduation science (a mixture of sciences such as physics, chemistry ...), and then entered one of the best schools in the state. Could he do it in another school? Maybe. After all, the teachers there are not bad, the problem is often in children and their parents, who don't care how their children learn. Maybe yes, maybe not. But after all, it’s not just how the child passes the tests, it’s still in bullying, as teaching, in extra classes, etc. After all, schools that have a lower rating than 5 often have lower budgets ...

In general, this situation requires intervention for a long time. Schools do not fight for students - they know that every year they will be crammed to the eyeballs because of the notorious attachment to the address ... So what's the point in trying? In this case, much depends on the director's ambitions. If she or he wants to make candy out of their school, they will. But not everyone is ambitious ...

The Trump team is proposing to issue parents of students a voucher for $ 11 per student. And with this voucher, you can choose any school. Almost any. Again, I'm talking about ordinary municipal ones. And this makes sense - now schools will have to fight for students and raise the level, otherwise you will lose your budget.

But there are also disadvantages ... Sharply schools will not get better, which means that for some time in good schools everything will be crammed to capacity? But the number of students per teacher is also an indicator that affects the school's rating.

And I also didn’t understand what would happen to illegal children. If they are deprived of these vouchers, then it is gloom and even tragedy - many will be left without supervision and food.


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