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What money shakes Alla Pugacheva


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The Diva's pension is 17 thousand rubles - 256 US dollars.

Many pensioners who receive a standard payment from the state in the amount of 17 thousand rubles a month, are interested in how their agemate Alla Pugacheva manages to live on this money? Answers Woman hit.

As the Prima Donna recently confessed to - she donates them to charity. However, the house in the village of Dirt, as calculated by journalists, requires maintenance of approximately 500 thousand per month, for the same period the family spends a million on training twins.

Where is the money?

Everything turned out to be very simple, unlike ordinary grandparents who live in retirement, Alla Borisovna continues to work. Several trademarks are registered in her name.

But besides that, the singer continues to give concerts “for her own people” for great fees and receives deductions as the author of a considerable number of songs.

17 April in the Kremlin Palace will be held the first in a long time show Diva Russian pop - Alla Pugacheva PS. The star refused to sing in front of the general public for about ten years, but in honor of its 70 anniversary, it decided to please the fans, which created an unprecedented stir.

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On the official website, tickets have been sold out long ago, but resellers are happy to offer those who wish to "scarce goods", the price of which exceeds the nominal, and in some cases simply goes off scale. The cheapest tickets can be bought for 11-12 thousand (170-180 dollars), but seeing the Prima Donna from these places will be very conditional. How much will the most expensive ones cost - read in our material.

However, the main "earner" in the family was Maxim Galkin, he is rarely at home, sacrificing comfort to provide for the family. So the huge earnings of Pugacheva are greatly exaggerated, writes the Interlocutor.

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