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For a rainy day: what stocks do Americans expect Armageddon


A source: Big Picture

More than three million US residents believe in the near end of the world. What future are these people afraid of and what preparations they make - says Big Picture.

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Wilma Bryant

Resident of Missouri. She and her daughter are insulin dependent diabetics.

Preparing for the end of the world: is going to follow a low-carb protein diet so that blood sugar levels don't rise too high by keeping chickens alive to slaughter if necessary. Despite the fact that insulin can expire within six months, relies on its stock of medications. She intends to settle at the source of water to keep insulin cold.

Blanks: chicken, beans, nuts, canned soups, pickled vegetables.

Reason for the end of the world: tornado.

Kellen Bishop

A survival and self-defense instructor, a member of the end-of-the-world Mormon sect, a foodie and a huge grocery pantry.

How to prepare: is not going to change his food habits after the disaster, so he regularly replenishes food supplies and monitors them carefully. Likes to cook with fresh ingredients and tries to extend their shelf life whenever possible.

Blanks: processed cheese, pickled vegetables, vacuum-packed meats, dry-frozen foods, pasta.

Reason for the end of the world: financial collapse.

Rick Austin

Farmer and writer, Appalachian Mountains. Claims that his health has improved greatly since he began to prepare for the end of the world.

How to prepare: lives under the slogan "Plant now, reap the harvest all your life." Fully provided with food from its site. Stores both fresh and canned food. Keeps bees for honey and medicine.

On the subject: Strategic reserve: what foods can be stored for as long as possible

Blanks: fruits and vegetables, meat of cows raised on their own plot, milk and cheese, honey, nuts, smoked meat.

Reason for the end of the world: crisis of the food system.

John Major

Seed seller, Idaho. Fears that nuclear bombs will explode around the United States.

How to prepare: fights radiation in one of the most effective ways - stores stocks of more than one and a half million seeds of rapidly growing plants. Feeds and stores insects for cooking later. She breeds bees for honey and medicine.

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Blanks: seeds, crickets, mealworms, grasshoppers, parmesan.

Reason for the end of the world: "Dirty" nuclear bombs.

Jason Charles

Firefighter, New York. He worked during the liquidation of the consequences of the September 11 terrorist attack and fears that natural disasters may also pollute the air.

How to prepare: is going to wall up a New York apartment like a bunker and install a device in the bathtub for long-term storage of drinking water.

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Blanks: canned meat, drinking water, ramen noodles, other canned food.

Reason for the end of the world: eruption.

Josh Wonder

City Councilor candidate, Pennsylvania. As an Orthodox Jew, he intends to eat only kosher food. Admits that his grocery cart is pretty boring.

How to prepare: predominantly stocks up with canned kosher meat and matzo, which can be eaten for many years. Since the Torah allows kashrut to be violated in case there is a threat to life, it keeps a small herd of rabbits in reserve. It is forbidden for children in the family to give rabbits names - they are raised not as pets, but as food.

Blanks: canned kosher meat, matzo, rice, rabbits.

Reason for the end of the world: terrorist attacks.

Wayne Martin

Consulting Engineer Texas

How to prepare: stores canned food in buckets of cat litter to extend the shelf life. In any case, he also stores a stock of canned cat food - no one will steal it, and if necessary, they can be used for food. Wayne's World holds homemade homemade wine in case you have to use it as currency.

Blanks: Campbell's canned soups, pinto beans, Wayne's World wine.

Reason for the end of the world: financial collapse that will happen through the fault of the Chinese.

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