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What can you save without harm to life


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Can't make ends meet? Are you struggling from paycheck to paycheck? If you constantly do not have enough money, perhaps you are wasting it. Our article will tell you what 5 things you can not buy and save on this impressive amount.

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Without which, first of all, your lifestyle will not suffer, so it is without alcohol, writes Rambler. It damages your health, undermines liver function, causes addiction, and as a result, refraining from buying a new bottle will become more and more difficult each time. Your wallet suffers accordingly. But not only he!

Think about the fact that alcohol has destroyed many families, made many people beggars and homeless people, orphaned thousands of children! One thought about this is disgusting to many. Do you think that your holiday failed, if there is no champagne bottle on the table? It is easy to replace with homemade lemonade or exquisite fruit juice. In extreme cases, the usual non-alcoholic champagne will do as well, although the benefits of it are also very doubtful.


Are you or your friend - heavy smokers? It is advisable to quickly abandon this dubious pleasure, before it is too late. Cigarettes not only empty the wallet, but also harm your health. This is a real test for your cardiovascular system, and for women - the worst enemy of beauty. Smoking affects your lungs. But the lungs of people around you are even more challenging, especially those who suffer from chronic bronchitis or asthma.

At the same time today a pack of cigarettes costs a lot. Calculate how much you smoke a day, and multiply that number by 30. Here are how many packs of cigarettes you smoke in just one month! By simple calculations, you can determine how much you can save in a year if you stop buying cigarettes.

Many smokers claim that smoking helps them relieve nervous tension or calm down. If this is really necessary, it is best to resort to weak-acting drugs, such as valerian or chamomile tea. And if in your life there are problems that seem intractable, it is better to contact a psychologist, and not to buy another pack of cigarettes.

Things from natural fur and leather

What is the point of buying things from genuine leather or fur? This is prestigious, but at the same time, very expensive. In addition, did your conscience sometimes wake up when you used it? After all, the manufacture of your fur coat or boot did not go to a piece of synthetic fiber, but the life of innocent animals. Perhaps someone will be surprised by the advice not to buy fur coats in the article on saving money.

However, who among us has not seen girls in fur coats in a crowded minibus? Many deny themselves everything to afford the coveted purchase. But is it worth it?

It is very easy to find a way out: it is enough to buy things only from artificial fur or leather, as well as from modern synthetic materials - membrane fabric, for example. They are much cheaper and often serve much longer natural. And, of course, your conscience will be crystal clear: no animals will suffer in their manufacture!


Surely you have a TV at home, which is used by the whole family. It is possible that it’s already a tradition to gather to watch your favorite TV show. But if he suddenly broke, do not rush to buy a new one. There are several good reasons not to watch television:

  • Now it is almost impossible to find interesting or informative programs at a time convenient for all households;
  • even if it is possible to find something interesting, the viewing is regularly interrupted for advertising, which can only cause annoyance and irritation;
  • Now the main source of information is the Internet.

As an alternative to TV, you can buy a laptop and a large monitor for it, and if it’s hard with finances, a tablet computer. With their help, you can easily watch your favorite series or educational program.

By the way, nothing prevents you from setting up network television on it at any moment, which, by the way, has surpassed satellite in broadcasting quality today, and cable in price.

Household chemicals

Without most household chemicals, for which we spend large sums, you can do without the slightest labor. The good old folk recipes and inexpensive proven means will come to the rescue. Almost all household chemicals can easily be replaced by ordinary ones:

  • soda;
  • salt;
  • vinegar;
  • lemon acid.

Soda You can wash your glassware, tiles, plumbing, gas stoves. Vinegar is suitable for cleaning all the same plumbing and aiming unsurpassed gloss on the tarnished floor tiles.

Salt suitable for washing dishes, porcelain or ceramic, and cleaning pots in which something is burnt. Soda and vinegar can be used to pierce a small blockage in the sewer.

Citric acid washing microwaves, mixers, blenders and other small kitchen appliances. It will also be useful in the case when your nose does not tolerate the smell of vinegar: these two products easily replace each other.

Of course, if you need to break through a strong blockage or wash off a particularly dirty surface, you cannot do without serious household chemicals, but its consumption will still be much less, and your wallet will not suffer from this.

If you refuse at least some of the things listed above, you will spend much less, which means you will be able to please yourself more often with something incomparably more pleasant, and your wallet will no longer be empty. Good luck!

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