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An unexpected popularity fell on an American because of the similarity with the Russian star


Source: StarHit

The girl, who is surprisingly similar to Alyona Shishkova, told about how her life has changed in recent weeks. After Nikki's many admirers of the former bride Timati learned about Nikki, her popularity grew significantly.

Alena Shishkova. Photo:

Alena Shishkova - one of the most famous girls of the country, writes StarHit. On the 26-year-old Instagram model, over six million people have signed up, and now there are hundreds of thousands of fans. The ex-bride Timati herself rarely gives interviews and prefers not to be frank about her personal life.

What was surprising fans when it turned out that the girl lives in the United States, which is an exact copy of Shishkova. A young lady named Nikki claims that, until recently, she did not even know about the coexistence of Alena. When the photographs of an American woman scattered on the web, it became incredibly popular.

Alena and Nikki are surprisingly similar. Photo: Instagram

“I live in the USA, although my dad has Siberian roots. Honestly, in America, Alena Shishkova is not very popular. One day, an acquaintance showed me photos of Alena, and I was just shocked by how similar we are. Now many advertisers have paid attention to me, but I never chased after popularity. I am engaged in graphic design, getting an education in this specialty. I value my family much more than any fame there, ”Nikki told StarHit.

According to the girl, she is often written with compliments by complete strangers. However, there are also haters who accuse the girl of numerous plastic surgeries and the desire to become famous for someone else's expense. Recently, fans of Shishkova claim that her twin is a man who skillfully does makeup and hides his true gender.

Alena Shishkova. Photo:

Nikki herself tries to ignore such accusations. For a girl, the flow of negativity came as a complete surprise, but even offensive comments by haters cannot change her positive attitude to the world.

“I'm not a man, it's all nonsense and rumors! I have daughter. Also, I have never done plastic surgery to specifically look like Shishkov. In 18 years, I slightly raised my lips, but recently returned them to their previous form. I believe that the key to success is naturalness in everything. Man must accept himself as God has made him. Recently, I realized that you do not need all my life to read and listen to the negative. You just need to move on, ”Nicky said.

Nikki claims that she has never done plastic surgery. Photo: Instagram

While the girl is not going to return to Russia, where her ancestors lived. However, she emphasizes that she is ready to get acquainted with Alena Shishkova, if such an opportunity is provided. “It seems to me that Alyona is a very nice girl. I wish her all the best. I think she, too, has repeatedly had to deal with the negative, but she has long been used to it. Every day I pray for those who wish me any nasty things, I want these people to become better, ”Nikki said.

Shishkova herself still does not respond to rumors about the appearance of her twin. Fans continue to speculate about the true motives of the mysterious girl from the United States. Many suggest that Nikki wants to achieve popularity due to the similarities with Alena. The American herself is incredibly pleased with the unexpected attention from the Russians towards her person, but she is clearly not planning on giving up her usual quiet life.

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