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'We spent the holidays with Michael Jackson': Trump's son shared his childhood memories


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The eldest son of President Trump made a new attempt to refute the accusations made by opponents against his father. He published a book that included memories of his own childhood.


In his new book, Trump Jr. stated that Donald Trump allowed his children to “play and relax with Michael Jackson,” writes Air force... In a 300-page long-titled work Trigger Triggered: How the Left Cultivates Hatred and Wants to Silence Us, which appeared in US bookstores earlier this week, the president's son recalls that he often played with Michael Jackson as a child and even how- then once spent a vacation in his company.

“Once in the room of Eric (the younger brother of the author), my father saw that Michael really enjoyed playing Ninja Turtles with us on the Nintendo console, and he told him that he could take this game home,” wrote 41 -year-old Donald Jr. - But it was my game! Even now Eric claims it was his game because it was in his room, but I know who it belonged to. I worked in the summer to buy it! And Michael Jackson, who was probably already a billionaire at the time, is taking her! "

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Holidays with Jackson

Donald Jr. in his book describes how often he was in the company of Michael Jackson, including spending holidays with him. According to him, once with the permission of his father, he spent the weekend with the former player of the American National Football League, African American Herschel Walker.

“As soon as (opponents) called my father, including accusing him of racism! - reminds in his book Donald Jr. “Doesn't it sound strange that he let his son spend the holidays with a black man or spend time with Michael Jackson? If after that he is a racist, then he certainly did not reach great heights in this. "

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The son of the President of the United States also clarified that "recently appeared information" about Michael Jackson's accusations of pedophilia came as a "shock" to him.

“My experience with Michael did not include anything that he was accused of,” wrote Donald Jr.

In recent months, Donald Trump Sr. and his sons in public speeches have consistently made accusations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter, claiming that they made "billions", using their vice president status.


US President on Twitter last Monday appealed to 66,5 million of his subscribers with an appeal n to buy a new book of his eldest son.

"My son, Donald Trump Jr. is publishing a new book ... It will go on sale tomorrow, November 5," wrote the head of the White House. - A great new book and I recommend EVERYONE to read it. Order it today! ”

On the Amazon portal, the new book by the president's son now ranks first in the Political Commentary section. Its cost is $ 18.

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