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'We just fell in love': Albina Dzhanabaeva spoke about the affair with Valery Meladze



The wife of the 54-year-old singer is sure: their life with Valery is still of interest to the townsfolk.


40-year-old Albina Dzhanabaeva has repeatedly expressed her marriage. According to the ex-soloist of the group "VIA Gra", people are still interested in what is happening in their family with Valery, writes

However, the singer herself is not ready to submit for public discussion all aspects of her personal life. The actress does not hide: their story with Meladze is extremely unsophisticated.

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“We just fell in love, wanted to create our own family. And this truth always gave us strength, ”Albina Dzhanabaeva noted in an interview with


The singer is sure that only thanks to love and mutual support he and Meladze managed to overcome and overcome those difficult moments that arose in their life after the public became aware of their union. With the advent of the first-born - in February 2004, a celebrity gave birth to a son Konstantin - the performer began to appear less often at social events, preferring the family.

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Ten years later, Albina gave Valery a second heir - in July, Luke turned five years old. According to Janabaeva, her children always respected their elders. That is why boys often consult with their father in controversial moments, trusting his opinion and authority.

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