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'We will give children more than anyone in our whole life': the wife of 80-year-old Vitorgan put the haters in their place


Source: StarHit

Last year, it became known that the actor and his wife Irina Mlodik had another daughter. According to Emanuel Gedeonovich, he is happy to enjoy late fatherhood, writes "StarHit".


Ethel and Clara are very pleased with their parents. Irina literally blooms when she talks about daughters.

“The eldest is a year and eleven, and the second is almost six months. She will be half a year on our wedding anniversary. February 7, 20 years as we are married, ”- says Irina.

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Emanuel Gedeonovich and his wife were ready for the fact that not everyone would approve of the birth of children at such a mature age. In December, the actor turned 80, and Irina will soon be 58. But they do not pay attention to criticism and gladly accept congratulations from those who admire their decision to be happy.

“Emanuel and I will have time to give them more than anyone will give in their entire lives,” said Ethel and Clara’s mother.


According to the artist, he could not devote so much time to older children, because he worked hard. Now he’s ready to sit with his daughters for days, even when they sleep.

“We do not pamper children, but squeeze and kiss,” Irina echoes.

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According to Mlodik, the youngest daughter is very similar to dad: “Clara constantly smiles, especially when she sees Emanuel. They understand each other so. They also tell us that she looks a lot like Maxim. ”

On February 1, the couple arrange a celebration in their club on the occasion of the last anniversary of Emanuel Gedeonovich, and then he will go with concerts to various cities friendly to him.

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