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'We would give the embryo': 81-year-old Vitorgan and his wife want to help a childless couple


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81-year-old People's Artist of the Russian Federation Emmanuel Vitorgan and his 58-year-old wife Irina Mlodik are ready to help a childless couple become parents, they write "Facts".


Several years ago, the Vitorgan family donated their reproductive cells to a special clinic for storage. Now that Emmanuel and Irina already have two daughters, the couple is ready to transfer biomaterial to those in need.

Vitorgan and Mlodik have been happily married since 2003. They have two daughters: Ethel, who will soon be three years old, and a one and a half year old Clara. According to the couple, Irina gave birth to her first child herself, and Klara was carried by a surrogate mother.

“All my life I wanted children, but everything did not work out ... Then I got sick, and the doctors did not allow me to give birth because of oncology. So many years have passed and we have done it. What does natural or unnatural means mean? Our children came from our egg and sperm cells. We still have cells, ”Vitorgan’s wife confessed to the program“ The Fate of a Man ”on one of the Russian TV channels.

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The couple named the main condition of the "deal".

“If you need to donate the embryo to someone, we would give it. But so as not to know who. After all, it is important that children are born. There should be a lot of them, ”explained Mlodik.

Recall, in addition to common daughters with Irina Mlodik, Vitorgan has a daughter, Ksenia, from his first marriage and a son, Maxim, from a second family union. Daughter Ethel was born in February 2018, the youngest Clara was born in August 2019. Vitorgan and Irina admitted that they would like another child.

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