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The University of Colorado gave an MBA to a mother who took a sick child to class


Source: SFGate

For university walls Chapman Martin O`Connor in his wheelchair over the years 5 has become quite a common sight.
In 2012, Martin already received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado. After that, he got a job in a good company, where he quickly began to move up the career ladder. But the accident changed all his life O`Connor writes SFGate

Falling down the stairs, numerous fractures, damage to the spine, and as a result, a young guy was confined to a wheelchair.

“After I got injured, I didn't know what the future was. I really had no plans for the future, I did not understand what to do next. But at some point, I realized that I needed a mental challenge. I can't walk, but my head works great, which means I can improve my qualifications and professional value, ”says Martin O'Connor on the university's website.

Martin's mom, Judy O`Connor before the tragedy lived in Florida and worked as a teacher of elementary grades. But after the son decided to get an MBA, she moved to Southern California to help him.

For training, Martin used iPad and a laptop on which special speech recognition software is installed, as well as a special stylus for the mouth.
Since Martin cannot take notes and write answers in tests, his mother did it for him. And all the 5 years of study Judy studied with her son at the university Chapman.
The University of Southern California decided that Judy O'Connor also deserved a Master's degree in MBA, since, as guardian and assistant to her paralyzed son, she completed the entire course of study.
The idea was submitted to the Board of Trustees by Martin himself, and the director and administrators supported this idea.
20 May graduates have become both mom and son. All those present applauded them standing.

“I love to study. And I won't lie to you if I say that I enjoyed every minute of the training, ”Judy said after the presentation.

Stunned, but restrained Judy O'Connor gave everyone present a kisses.

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