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Male gaze: why it is so difficult to meet your destiny

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


I was asked this question some time ago. I took a long pause. I walked, wandered, thought ... I thought about it.

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And the question was this: why is it so difficult to meet your fate? (I meant the person who was intended for you ...) You yourself understand what I was thinking - pondering, and why I was in no hurry with an answer, going over the options, rejecting some and analyzing others ... In general, I rummaged in my own head. I love this business ... Otherwise, what is she, head for? Shampoo to try and indulge in combs? ..

Here you go. The word "fate", you see, is not at all simple. And if you ask a hundred people what it is - a hundred answers and you will get, quite varied, for sure. So, for a start, you need to decide on the wording. I will try to scoop up a wide net so that many of the answers fit.

Fate, as we understand it, is what is destined and from which you cannot escape. If we are talking about people, then this is probably like the fairy tale says: "They lived in perfect harmony and died in one day." And here, from the very beginning, difficulties begin.

What does this mean, soul to soul? Does this mean that they understand each other at a distance, and can sit all evening in one room, each doing his own thing, not exchanging a single phrase, but at the same time not feeling lonely and not needing words? And not at all because everything has already been said. Here it is completely different. This is when communication occurs constantly, but does not require verbalization. Well, yes, this is in fact - soul to soul! Why is there verbal noise?

Fate is, probably, when they have such a coincidence in everything that a thought flashed through him, and she immediately guessed or felt. Looking at the picture, they begin to laugh at the same time, thinking about the same thing. Everything he does she likes. Today. Tomorrow and ... in fifty years too. And vice versa. He can, without taking his eyes off, look at how she eats, sleeps, dresses, paints herself. It is incredibly interesting for him. Indeed, no deception.

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For him, everything with her participation is almost the most mysterious phenomena on earth, each of which is no less than a great intergalactic revelation. Not because he didn't see the woman eating or sleeping. But because no one does it the way she does. And to explain how she does it and why such visions are so incredible and divinely beautiful ... he does not know how. I have no words. She feels his approach an hour before the appearance of the body itself. He misses her, even being around, which is also completely inexplicable. Yes, it probably should not be explainable. Soul to soul, remember?

What else? Sex? Over the years, it ceases to be a sharp knife in the heart, but what is happening at these moments, again, beyond the ordinary and beyond the control of neither understanding nor comprehension. Two beings, having become one, leave the mortal world, even if not for long. Their extraordinary tandem is so held together by a magic glue called ... unity that it cannot be broken, replaced, or faked.

He - looking at her, sees himself in the best roles that he had ever played in his life. The same thing happens to her. And there are so many of these coincidences that the discrepancies are almost imperceptible, imperceptible. No, they are, of course. They are people, not robots. But it's like a small cut in a finger or a splinter in it - which cannot kill a person. They bring some inconvenience, but not for long and do not torment for years or even decades ... And so, they come and go, leaving no trace on the body, soul, or memory ...

They live in unison, and their hearts beat to the beat, and their breathing matches. Probably it happens like this. True, rarely. Few people are so lucky. And if something similar happens, then not for long. And so that forever ... and clutching each other with a stranglehold ... and soul to soul ... and ... in one day ... This, of course, is fate. Why is it so difficult to meet her?

Well, how is it? And six numbers in the lottery to guess? The same reason.

There are too many options for mismatch. The chance is there and there is one - for how many millions. To whom are they issued and for what?

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I don't know, to be honest. Probably, they send for some incredible merits in this life or even in the past. I think that the chances of getting all six numbers in the lottery are much higher. I know those who guessed the numbers, and have not met those who met fate for a long time, even if outwardly everything looks decent and smacks of truth. Almost always it is a game for the spectator with a ton of "skeletons in the closet" ...

On the other hand, it is difficult to believe that those who have met fate are hiding it. Although ... Maybe they are afraid not to be jinxed. If you've met such people, that's great. There is nothing to ask them. They won't give you any secrets. If this is it, then there are no secrets. Walked-fell-woke up-she ... or he ...
That's all the secrets.

I wish everyone a happy lottery and a sudden win. One for the rest of your life.

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