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'The husband is in prison - that's great!': Maria Golubkina dissuades Efremov's wife from divorce


Source: StarHit

Maria Golubkina broke up with actor Nikolai Fomenko in 2008. After the divorce, the actress never got married, reminds StarHit.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Russia 1

But there were rumors that the artist was going to tie the knot with the son of Vasily Livanov - Boris, who, by the way, was in prison.

47-year-old Maria Golubkina does not share the details of her personal life.

Whether the actress is going down the aisle is a mystery. It seems that one marriage was enough for her.

"I got divorced. I don't see anything good in this. My uncle asked when I got divorced: "How much did you put up with?" I replied that I was 13 years old. His answer: "Suffer 50 more years, is it difficult for you?" - shared a celebrity.

Now Golubkina is in a relationship with the son of Vasily Livanov - Boris. Several years ago, the actress's lover was released from prison - he was convicted of murder.

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From the words of her beloved, the artist knows what it is like to be in prison. That is why she is trying to console the wife of Mikhail Efremov, who is now in prison.

“When a husband is in prison, it’s great. I think this is generally great. You know where he sits, with whom he sits. Sober. Maybe he does sports. They don't use foul language there, by the way. Unlearn to express. And most importantly - there is no opportunity to meet with other ladies ", - said the artist in the program" You won't believe! " channel NTV.

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