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Husband never sees me without makeup


Source: Katya Matoyan, life coach and blogger from Los Angeles

...6 o'clock in the morning. I sleep made up - no one has ever seen me unpainted, so my morning begins with makeup removal.

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I jump in the shower, shampoo my hair Oribe or Living Proofthen I get rid of a mixture of salt, which I make myself according to an old recipe, and after a shower I put oil on my skin. Then comes the turn of the clay mask for the face. I wash off the mask, smear mine Magic cream - after it I immediately look younger, all wrinkles are smoothed, and then - cream Wonderglow - I call him "Giselle in the bank." It's time to do makeup - today I am replicating the makeup of Penelope Cruz, there is a lot of work ...

Midnight. I take off my makeup, wash my face, apply a moisturizer, scrub my lips and painted again: a little lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, a little eye shadow. The door is closed - husband never saw me without makeup. Cosmetics is my secret weapon and the secret weapon of every woman. Elena Rubinshteinn rightly noted that "there are no ugly women, there are lazy women."

Who would you think belong to these words? Charlotte Tilbury, celebrity makeup artist, owner of the brand of cosmetics, girlfriend Kate Moss and a recognized authority in the world of beauty. An interesting woman! Successful woman! These words I quoted on the magazine Harper's bazzar (May 2015). From her previous interviews, I learned that she is painted before bedtime with 13 years!


Just then she "I swore to myself that no one else would see her without makeup". She believes that those few minutes when her face is without makeup are enough for her skin to “breathe a little”. In 2013, she also confessed (or was she proud?) That she applied a little liquid blush for the night. Charlotte says: "My mother told me:" You should always remain a mystery "(I think my mother had something else in mind?) ..." Once I made a mistake, looking like a boyfriend without makeup, and it was a disaster. "What happened to your eyes?" He asked ... "

Wow Have you met women who “nobody saw without cosmetics”? I have a girlfriend who paints herself in the evening so as not to waste time on it in the morning — she likes the “slightly” smeared smokey effect ...

But in general, that's what I say. If you have good skin, you can do anything with it. - I know women who wash their face once a week and nothing happens for them. If I start painting at night, it is not only painful for me to imagine what will happen to my bed-clothes - I will have to change the pillowcase and duvet cover every day (I cover myself with my head, so there will also be mascara and blush there) will respond with acne, and the skin around the eyes - a grid of wrinkles. As for my husband, I don’t think he’ll be able to notice whether I’ve made up the makeup in the morning)) I also doubt that he will notice if I bring arrows at night ... But my husband’s not subtle nature, so this isn’t the most a good example. Maybe there are perfectionists who, like Charlotte's former boyfriend, are horrified at the sight of women without eyeliner around their eyes?

It has always seemed to me that women who are unsure of themselves are “sleeping in makeup”, who believe that their only value is their appearance, and if something is not perfect in them, they are not worthy of love and desires. If I were a man, I would not want to have a lump of complexes (sorry, a “riddle”) with eternal arrows and indelible mascara on eyelashes next to me. There is something unhealthy about it.

At university, I had a girlfriend who "no one saw without makeup." We were friends for more than a year, when once, having stayed with her, I saw her unpainted - I was just amazed at the difference! It turned out that her skin was clean, porcelain whiteness, which seemed to me dark due to bright blush - I had never seen such a striking difference in my life. I myself have never been shy about appearing undyed and have never understood those who even go for bread with makeup. I was especially touched by the arguments about "self-respect and respect for others" - are you really so disgusting without cosmetics that it will become bad for those around you?

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