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Can I drink milk with a cold: a doctor’s opinion


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When asked if milk and dairy products increase the production of mucus for colds, magazine "Health" Lior Zilnick, a nutritionist from Bridgepoint Hospital, Toronto, Canada, is in charge.

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It is widely believed that milk increases mucus production. Mucus (or phlegm) is a sticky substance produced in the respiratory system. It accumulates in the throat during a cold. Some people refuse milk and other dairy products because of the persistent belief that they increase the body's production of phlegm. Often, representatives of alternative medical practices advise to abstain from dairy products and asthmatics.

The problem is that with the abandonment of dairy products a person loses several key sources of calcium and other essential elements. Is such deprivation justified?

Milk intake in participants with colds did not increase nasal discharge, nasal congestion, or worsen symptoms, according to a study published in the American Review of Respiratory Diseases. Numerous trials have also failed to show an association between milk consumption and worsening asthma symptoms. In rare cases, asthma has been observed in people with cow's milk allergy, but this intolerance is not common in all asthmatics.

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It is curious that people who are convinced of the connection between dairy consumption and sputum formation, noted a worsening of respiratory symptoms, increased saliva density compared with people who were skeptical about this relationship. The first group also observed the same results after drinking soy milk, which was a placebo.

Although dairy products do not increase mucus production, they can make phlegm thicker and irritate your throat. This can make breathing harder and worse coughing. It is believed that fats in milk have such thickening effects.

But in general, you should not exclude milk with a cold from your diet, and in order to cancel its sputum-thickening properties, drink more water.

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