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'Maybe I could save him': how was the fate of Irina Krug after the death of her husband


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About how the love story of Irina and Mikhail Krug began and how the singer's widow lives today, the author of the blog "Famous and Popular" on Yandex Zen.

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Irina Krug is a talented Russian singer. She is successful in her career and creative endeavors. But on the personal front, the star is not so smooth. For many years she was happy with her husband Mikhail. But the famous singer suddenly passed away. This was a big blow for Irina.

Over time, any mental wound is healed and the person again tries to become happy. Irina, too, was not in mourning for a long time. A couple of years after the death of her husband, she remarried. Who became the new chosen one of the singer?

Unsuccessful marriage

Even before her marriage to Mikhail Krug, Irina got married and gave birth to a daughter. The girl was called Marina. But Irina failed to live a happy family life.

Marina, daughter of Irina Krug from her first marriage. Photo: irinakrug / Instagram

Her husband began to abuse illicit drugs and alcohol. This was the main reason for parting.

Fate itself brought

There was not enough money to live with the baby, so the young mother had to go to work. After meeting Irina, she managed to get a waitress in the best restaurant in the city - “Malachite”.

The institution was expensive and pathos, so it is not surprising that when Mikhail Krug arrived in Chelyabinsk with a concert, they brought him to dinner there. At first, a small company of the singer was supposed to be served by another waiter, but at some point the director of the establishment decided that Irina would cope with this task better than her colleague. The girl, for whom a large hall for 60 people was already assigned, was not happy about this prospect, but she could not refuse the boss. So she first met a famous artist. And not just met, but received an offer to become his dresser with a solid salary.

At first, the girl thought that the Circle was joking. Why would a popular star make her such an offer ?! But Michael was not joking! He firmly insisted on his own, and Irina agreed.

On the subject: Unknown love of Mikhail Krug told about a secret marriage and abortion from the singer

For about a year, the girl lived in complete confidence that the singer perceived her exclusively as a subordinate. They called each other by name and patronymic and kept their distance.

In turn, the Circle during these twelve months constantly tested Irina for strength. On tour, the singer periodically “was ill” and asked the new dresser to put mustard plasters or inhalation right in his hotel room, and he also forced the girl to smooth things several times, finding some slight “crease” on his trousers or shirt, although in fact, the artist’s clothing has always been perfectly ironed. Such requests did not annoy Irina at all.

Irina Krug. Photo: irinakrug / Instagram

She, as an obedient soldier, did everything the “commander” asked her to do, and did not realize that in such a strange way the chief expresses his sympathy for her.

Everything changed when, one night, the Circle, being pretty tipsy, showed up with packages of food and asked from the threshold: "Irina Viktorovna, feed me, please." After this incident, an affair began between them, the lovers began to live together, with the son of the singer from his first marriage and the daughter of Irina.

Sudden wedding

The circle made a proposal to her beloved in a very strange way. Once they went to the supermarket for food. And then the man said that he wanted to urgently marry Irina. The girl was stunned, but accepted the offer. Some time after the wedding, the couple had a second child, Alexander.

Alexander, son of Michael Krug. Photo: irinakrug / Instagram

But the happiness of the couple did not last long.

Just a month after the birth of his son, Mikhail Krug was shot dead in his own house in Tver.

Photo Shoot: irinakrug / Instagram

Irina miraculously managed to run out of the house and hide with her neighbors, and the artist himself was injured, as it turned out - serious. But it turned out not immediately. As soon as the criminals disappeared, Krug independently came for his wife, then for an hour they unsuccessfully tried to call an ambulance and the police, and only after that the neighbor was taken to the hospital by the artist. Time was wasted. Despite all the efforts of doctors, on July 1, Mikhail died.

“I live and all this time I think - Lord, maybe I could save him. I’m constantly tormented by the thought that I took the wrong steps, maybe I had to close that door with the key so that the criminals wouldn’t run out, but I had a mother there, I took risks at that moment, ”Irina shared her feelings.

The murder of the singer was only recently revealed.

“At the initial stage of the investigation it was established that on the evening of June 30, 2002, on the Day of the City of Tver, two men secretly entered the house of Mikhail Krug, located in the village of Mamulino, with the intent of robbery, and one of them killed the singer. Hot on the heels, it was not possible to solve this crime in 2002 due to the absence of direct witnesses and the lack of evidence obtained, ”the law enforcement agencies said.

Grave of Michael Circle. Screenshot: All Subcontract / YouTube

Subsequently, according to the Investigative Committee, it turned out that members of the Tver Wolves gang, Alexander Ageev and Dmitry Veselov, were involved in the crime.

Veselova in 2003 was killed by another member of the gang, Alexander Osipov. He claimed that in this way he avenged Veselov for the murder of the Circle, because he was personally acquainted with him and was his fan.

New love

After the death of her husband, Irina seriously took up her career and became a popular singer. For all her activities, the woman received many prestigious awards.

Not so long ago, Irina got married for the third time. Her husband was an entrepreneur Sergei Belousov. The woman gave birth to his son Andrei.

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