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Moscow court dismissed three sisters from prison that killed a tyrant father


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The Moscow Basmanny Court on Thursday softened the preventive measure to the Khachaturian sisters accused of killing their father. The girls confessed to the murder. They told me that my father had mocked them for many years.

Average sister Angelina. Photo: Tass

You can learn more about the tragic history of the sisters. here.

The girls will be released from the detention center home with a number of restrictions, the correspondent reports Bi-bi-si. They are forbidden to leave the house after 21 hours, use the means of communication, the Internet and contact with the media. They are also forbidden to communicate with anyone other than the investigator.

Due to the fact that the court forbade Christine, Angelina and their minor sister to communicate with each other, they will live separately. Lawyer Alexey Parshin clarified to the BBC that the sisters would be accommodated in different apartments. With the permission of the investigator, they will be able to communicate with the mother.

“Before the trial, they will be at home ... The father threatened them with weapons, scared and so on. Now they can at least be with their mother. I hope for a humane attitude of the court towards all the sisters, ”Ivan Melnikov, executive secretary of the Moscow POC, told reporters.

The day before, the court received requests from the investigation to release the sisters from custody and choose a new preventive measure - a ban on certain actions for a period until December 28, 2018.

A new preventive measure was applied to the Khachaturian sisters - “a ban on certain actions”. A decree introducing this measure into the Criminal Procedure Code was signed by the President in April 2018.

The court sessions, like all the previous ones, were held behind closed doors. At the beginning of the hearings on the elder sister, the investigator explained that the case file “contains data on the state of health of the accused, as well as data on the intimate sphere, including sexual.”

The lawyers did not object to the closed regime, as they feared that the sisters could get the address of the journalists.

From August behind bars

The Khachaturian sisters were placed in Moscow SIZO # 6 in early August. They were charged with murder by a group of persons by prior conspiracy (clause “g” of part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of Russia). Under this article, they face up to 20 years in prison.

As it became known on Thursday, the girls met with their mother in the isolation ward. “Recently, the girls' mother received permission from the investigator to meet with her daughters. She met with each of the girls separately, they talked, my mother handed them things and food, ”Ivan Melnikov, a representative of the Public Monitoring Commission (POC), told Interfax.

Melnikov added that girls are hard going through separation from their mother.

“They said that when the father kicked the mother out of the house under the threat of violence, he forbade his daughters to communicate with her. They very rarely saw each other stealthily or called each other, as their father controlled their phones, ”he said.

Photo: social networks / Komsomolskaya Pravda

What is known about the murder

The body of 57-year-old Mikhail Khachaturian with a lot of stab wounds in the neck and chest area was found on the evening of July 27 on the staircase of the house №56 along Altufevskoe highway, where the family lived.

The next day, on suspicion of murder, three daughters who lived with him were detained - 19-year-old Christina, 18-year-old Angelina and their 17-year-old sister.

During the first interrogation, all three sisters confessed. They said that the reason for the murder was "personal hostile relationship with the father due to the infliction of moral suffering on him for a long time." The sisters said that their father abused them for many years.

However, later the sisters in the detention center were visited by human rights activists, who, following the results of the visit, said that during the detention and interrogation their rights were violated.

“The sisters claim that during the arrest, the police officers did not explain to them their rights under Article 51 of the Constitution, that is, the right not to incriminate themselves, they were not given the opportunity of one phone call, and they gave their initial testimony in the police department in the absence of lawyers ", - said earlier Melnikov from the POC.

The defense of the accused insists that the sisters killed the father because of systematic moral and physical violence on his part, including of a sexual nature.

Photo: social networks / Komsomolskaya Pravda

Psychiatric examination

Earlier in September, the sisters were sent for outpatient psychiatric examination at the Serbsky Institute. According to the results of the examination of two older sisters, Christina and Angelina, they were recognized as sane.

Psychiatric examination of the younger sister established that at the time of the murder of her father she did not give an account of her actions.

As the lawyer of the younger sister Yaroslav Pakulin told Interfax, in this way his client can avoid criminal liability, since “such a mental disorder must exclude the crime of the act”.

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