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Young dad: how one of the most beautiful actors and father of many children lives Jude Law


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British actor Jude Law is often ranked among the most beautiful and talented stars in Hollywood. Roles in Sherlock Holmes, Cold Mountain, The Talented Mr. Ripley and many other films have brought him worldwide fame and peer recognition. Separately, it is worth noting the fact that the loving actor is a father of many children, says the author of the blog "Planetary Civilization" on Yandex Zen.

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Childhood and early acting career

Jude was born two days before 1973, in the British capital. His parents were school teachers. The family of teachers was very fond of The Beatles, so they gave their baby a name in honor of the hit “Hey Jude”. Lowe spent his childhood with his older sister Natasha.

Initially, the boy went to a regular school, but his parents had to take care of transferring the 14-year-old to a private educational institution after numerous incidents of bullying by his classmates.

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The father and mother of the future movie star were theatergoers and encouraged the child's love for the stage. So 6-year-old Jude appeared in his first role on stage in a children's production, and a 12-year-old teenager has already played in the National Music Youth Theater.

In 1986, the young talent made his debut on TV in the teenage "Pocket Money". The guy was not even 17 years old when he appeared on the screen as a groom in "Gloucester Tailor", and later as Nathan Thompson in the multi-part "Family".

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Two years later, the aspiring actor went on an Italian tour, playing in Pygmalion. Upon his return to London, he was involved in the production of "The Fastest Clock in the Universe." In 1992, Time Out awarded the creators of this performance a prize in the category “Best Theater Premiere”.

Best movie roles

In 1994, Lowe starred for the first time in the feature film Shopping, directed by Paul Anderson. Three years later, the young actor starred in Wilde, in which he played the difficult role of Lord Douglas. For her participation in this film, the Evening Standard named Jude the best debutant of the year.

The turning point in Lowe's film career was 1999, when the premiere of the film "The Talented Mr. Ripley" took place in theaters, in which the actor played the role of the rich mot Dickie Greenleaf. For this role, the actor was awarded the prestigious BAFTA award. And four years later, he already shone in "Cold Mountain" in the form of a southerner soldier Inman, who fled home.

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In 2004, in the famous "Aviator" the actor played the Hollywood star Eroll Flynn. In parallel, he was invited to the lead role in "Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes". In Proximity, Jude organically became part of a magnificent quartet consisting of Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman and the actor himself.

In the new version of Sherlock Holmes, directed by Guy Ritchie, the actor got the role of Doctor Watson, and in Young Pope he became the youngest pontiff in the history of film and television. In the second part of Fantastic Beasts, the audience saw the young Albus Dumbledore, whose role went to our hero.

Personal life

In 1994, while filming Shopping, Jude met his first love Sadie Frost, who was 7 years older than Lowe. They began an affair that ended in marriage in 1997. The newlyweds held their wedding in the waters of the Grand Union right on the water. The family was replenished with daughter Iris, sons Otis and Rafferty.

Iris Lowe. Screenshot: British Vogue / YouTube

However, the divorce, which took place in 2003, was inevitable after a short romance with Nicole Kidman, who did not really like the actor's official wife. After parting with his wife, handsome Jude has a new lover - actress Sienna Miller.

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Their relationship lasted two years, but the girl found out that Lowe was cheating on her with a woman who was nursing his own children. The couple broke up.

In 2009, after a short romance with Lowe, model Samantha Burke from New Zealand had a daughter, Sophia. At the same time, the actor again threw himself into the arms of Sienna Miller, but two years later they parted.

In 2015, Jude had another daughter, Adu, after a relationship with singer Catherine Harding, and four years later, Philip Cohen became the actor's official wife. In September 2020, Lowe confirmed that he had become a father for the sixth time.

Philip Cohen and Jude Law. Collage: Celebrity Wot Not, Energy Live News / YouTube

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