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My american childbirth: labor and delivery room


“I'm ready to give birth to the next one right now,” was the first thing I said after the baby was born.


And now in order.

The PDR was on October 28th. The doctor said that if I do not give birth before November 2, it is better to do stimulation. Since if you go for a long time, in my case with a narrow pelvis, everything can end with a cesarean. And another such moment. If we were to stimulate, then I wanted to give birth to the doctor who guided my pregnancy. I picked her from a list of the best gynecologists in San Diego. Her duty at the hospital is only on Wednesdays. The doctors on duty take delivery, and not those leading the pregnancy, that is, who you get to is a matter of chance. These are the rules in my clinic. Personally, you cannot agree with a doctor, as in Russia.

Until November 2, my daughter did not want to be born herself. Therefore, by seven in the morning we went to the hospital for stimulation.

A dear nurse was already waiting for me in the ward, she explained everything and showed me - on which monitors what was written, where what to press if necessary, commented on all her actions. In addition to what was needed, the ward had a sofa for my husband, a chair, a table by my bed, a private toilet and shower, a TV, DVD. My husband and mother-in-law were with me all the birth. The mother-in-law left only to try. In the United States, joint childbirth is generally very common.

First of all, they put 2 monitors on my stomach - one for determining the frequency of contractions, the other for the heartbeat of the child. I could always track the results on the monitors in front of me. Then the pressure and temperature were measured. The temperature was checked further once an hour. At about 8 o'clock in the morning oxytocin was injected to induce contractions - on one arm, and on the other they put on a tonometer, which independently measured the pressure every 30 minutes. But because of him, if I wanted to go to the toilet, and I wanted to often, I had to call the nurse to turn off the device. I had a special button to call the nurse. In general, the nurse looked after me like a maid - she straightened the blanket and pillows, put slippers on me, brought everything I ask. It was somehow even inconvenient. They also gave me a menu so that I could choose what I want for dinner if I give birth before the evening.

The first contractions were completely painless. At about 11 in the morning, my amniotic sac was punctured, and the process began to pick up speed, the contractions began to intensify. It was impossible to eat, they brought only water, crushed ice and juices. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon I could no longer speak during the contraction, I only used the breathing technique. I learned many techniques, but one helped me - a deep breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Fitball was not needed at all, only made it worse. The disclosure at that time was 4 cm, and I decided it was time for the epidural. I know that many of our girls are against her. Personally, I am very happy with my decision. At 7 pm I felt a strange pain from the catheter, called the nurse. She checked and said: "So this is not from the catheter, you have a 9,5 cm opening, this is the baby's head pressing." Wow, I didn't expect it that fast. They waited another 30 minutes until the full disclosure of 10 cm, and the nurse said that you need to practice pushing before the doctor arrives. She explained the technique, I pushed three times in one fight. After that, she brought a large mirror on wheels so that I could also see how the process is going. I even put on glasses to see better. We practiced one more time, and the nurse said that enough is enough - we are waiting for the doctor, since the head of the child is already visible! By the way, my husband also participated in the process. He kept one leg struggling. The doctor came, I was already ready for attempts for 1-3 hours. And what was our surprise with my husband when we heard the cry of a baby after just one fight! Without cutting the umbilical cord, the baby was immediately placed on my chest. So we spent 5-10 minutes, then my husband cut the umbilical cord, and the baby was returned to me.

After some time, Valery was evaluated on the Apgar scale, weighed, measured, injected with vitamin K, and erythromycin was dropped into his eyes. Everything happened in the room where I gave birth, the baby was not carried away for a second. I also brought the long-awaited food. I was hungry like a beast.

В delivery room after giving birth, I spent an hour 1,5 somewhere until the sensitivity of my legs after epidurals came to me. Then I was transferred to the puerperal ward, where we stayed for another 2 day. Read about it in the following material.

I wish all pregnant women easy childbirth!

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