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Playboy model insulted the holy mountain of Maori


Source: bbc

The world famous model magazine erotic pictures Playboy Jailin cook visits holy mountain taranaki in New Zealand. There she took some nude pictures and uploaded photos on Instagram. One of the photos gained incredible popularity, having received more than 10 thousands of likes.

The height of the extinct volcano Taranaki is more than 2500 meters in height, and climbing to the top can not be called easy. Jaline Cook later recalled that it was very difficult for her to climb such a peak.

However, the elders of the New Zealand Maori tribe in a different way regarded so bold and frank act of sexual beauty. They declared an insult to the shrine. One of the representatives of the Maori tribe Dennis Ngavare compared the act of the model with the appearance of her in the nude in the Vatican Cathedral of St. Peter.

Maori explained that they do not dislike tourists and are happy about the heightened attention to their sacred mountain. However, guests should not forget about the rules of decency in the burial places of Maori ancestors. Local residents were supported by the mayor of Stratford County, stating that cultural values ​​should be of paramount importance to everyone who visited the holy places of New Zealand.

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