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Model Natalia Vodianova teamed up with Flint Capital to take care of women's health


Source: Kommersant

Pooling for investment. Photo: depositphotos

International Venture Fund specializing in financing high-tech projects in the field of Internet technologies, media, as well as financial services, projects in the field of virtual and augmented reality, teamed up with the famous Russian supermodel, actress and philanthropist Natalia Vodyanova to invest in an online service for women Flo's. Reports about it Kommersant.

The total investment is 5 million. Online service based application Flo's uses artificial intelligence to analyze women's health and has almost 10 millions of users. This application runs in the background and is suitable for both teenagers and adult women.

Third of the audience Flo's lives in North America, most of them in Western Europe, Latin America and Australia.

“Our goal is to move to an active monthly audience in 100 million people. Over the year, we have grown tenfold and are not planning to slow down, ”Mr. Gursky said.

He emphasizes that the feature Flo's in the anonymity of users.

“No service will ever know that a user with that phone number, for example, has become pregnant,” he explains.

Health diary. Photo:

After downloading the application, women enter medical information about themselves, and then receive the recommendations of doctors, artificial intelligence or other users. Also, women will be able to communicate in the application anonymously.

“The female cycle tracker is the tip of the iceberg,” Vodyanova said. According to her, Flo's growing rapidly - by one million users per month.

The service with medical content allows women to understand the symptoms of their body and monitor their health in the background.

Useful tips on women's health. Photo:

Flo's covers all cycles of women, including adolescence, adolescence and menopause. In addition, there is a function that helps to lead a pregnancy.

“The topic of women's health is still a frequently ignored question. Girls at school are embarrassed to ask for the money they need in fear that someone will find out that they already have their menstruation. Stigma regarding women's health can manifest itself differently in different cultures, but the problem concerns the whole society, ”said Natalya Vodyanova.

Project founded by former vice president Mail.Ru Group and consultant, MSQRD и Prisma Yuri Gursky. The application was developed by the project team. Owhealthfounded by the brother of Yuri Gursky Dmitry, as well as Maxim Skrobov and Andrey Kovzel.

In December, the 2016 Flint capital together with the foundation of Yuri Gursky Haxus have already invested $ 1 million in the project. During the new round Flint invested $ 3 million, the contribution of other participants is not disclosed.

Fresh funding will go on to continue the development and development of this online service and the opening of an office in the United States.

Anonymity comes first. Photo:

The authors of the project claim that they are not going to enter advertising into the application and do not intend to monetize this project, which is why experts questioned the prospect of profitability.

The current stage of the project implies first of all the growth of the audience; Flint capital Andrei Gershfeld.

"We will definitely not make a subscription - the application will be free - and we will not allow advertising networks inside," adds Yuri Gursky. According to him, we can talk about partnerships with other services.

According to Forbes, Natalia Vodianova earned $ 2016 million in 2,3 year.

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