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Mobile application for pregnant women helped save a child’s life


Source: Yahoo

Iowa's mom Emily Ehoff (Emily eekhoff) believes that it was the mobile application for pregnant women that saved the life of her newborn daughter, reports Yahoo. As Emily told, at 33 week of pregnancy, she noticed that the shocks of her baby had changed. Mobile app Count the Kicks, the user who was Eihoff, helps expectant mothers to monitor fetal movements during the third trimester of pregnancy.

“I knew how much she usually moved during the day thanks to the app,” the mother said about her daughter in a TV interview for Good Morning America.

She said that the baby in the stomach pushed unusually and somehow weakly. This alerted Emily.

Worried about Eihoff went to Mercy medical center in Des Moines. There, a heart rate and ultrasound test showed that the child was in trouble. Emily had to do an emergency cesarean section.

As it turned out, the baby had a three-fold entanglement of the umbilical cord around the neck.

The newborn was named Ruby. As her mother admitted, initially she did not realize the full “importance” of the fact that it was the application that saved her daughter's life. She realized this after the doctors told her that if she arrived at the hospital a day later, it would “be too late”.

According to Eihoff, she hopes that other pregnant women will learn from her example and carefully listen to the movements of the fetus in the stomach.

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