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A large Russian woman defeated officials. And then took up robbery, torture and murder.



In Omsk, the trial of Vera Begun, mother of a large family, began. She gained fame thanks to hard struggle with local officials. Having defeated the system and believing in its exclusiveness, the Runner decided that she deserves more and that everything is now allowed to her. Mother of many children engaged in extortion and banal robbery. And in the choice of means she was not shy: beatings, rape, kidnapping.

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According to investigators, Begun personally participated in the torture, and once ordered her accomplice to bury a person alive. In an exclusive interviewTape.ruThe defendant declared her innocence. She will be judged by jurors, and they will have to make their verdict. Our correspondent understood how a civil activist with a difficult fate turned into a cruel criminal.

Wild character

“Alexander Rybalov, fearing for his life, began to dig a hole and ask for forgiveness, but the defendants, armed with sticks, struck [the victim] no less 50 with blows to the body and head and still no less 40 with punches and legs, and the Runner with a bayonet shovel beat injured in the stomach, thigh and at least two times on the foot, after which he demanded that he lay down in a hole he dug. Rybalov obeyed, and the defendants buried him, causing the victim special suffering, expressed in a prolonged deprivation of oxygen. After some time, Stanislav Berdnikov dug out Rybalov, who still showed signs of life. ”

So in the materials of the criminal case describes the murder, which accused 36-year-old Omsk resident Vera Begun.

As a child, her mother passed her along with her sisters to an orphanage. From there, little Vera was taken to a foster family, where several more orphanage children grew up. As relatives later recalled in conversations with the investigator, the Runner had shown a violent temper since childhood: a scandal and did nasty things to everyone.

Vera became an early mother, gave birth to her first child in 18 years, and after three years - her second son. Fathers boys were different. A few years later, Vera married. Husband, giving her a daughter, went to work. He kept the family, and his wife made a lover - Stanislav Berdnikov, who was repeatedly convicted. Something was so in this little woman that a stern criminal of two meters height implicitly obeyed her.

Stanislav Berdnikov. Photo: frame video GTRK Irtysh / YouTube


In April, the administration of Omsk 2015 demolished an emergency hut, after which a scandal broke out in the city. Vera Begun, the owner of a room in a demolished house, accused the authorities of lawlessness: a large family was left without shelter, and all personal belongings and property were destroyed during the demolition, which was not even warned to the residents.

The victim began to sue the city administration - in protest, she set up a tent at the city hall. True, not for long. The local press came to her defense. Vera Begun on the wave of scandal became a famous person in the city and even spoke from the rostrum of the city council.

- I am an orphan. I have three children. She lived in an emergency house. My husband and I were offered to move to the Ryabinovka microdistrict. But we, as builders, saw shortcomings there. Houses are still being built, but already collapsing. I asked for another accommodation, but they sent me to Ryabinovka again. When we went to visit the country, the house was demolished, we were deprived of housing.

The woman did not hold back tears in front of the deputies and burst into tears right on the podium.

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The fate of the mother, left homeless with many children, was penetrated by the investigators, who opened a criminal case against officials of the Omsk administration, suspecting local officials of negligence.

In response, the authorities dragged Begun’s dark past into the light, telling reporters that she was brought to administrative and criminal responsibility.

“Willy-nilly, you start to suspect some clever scam. Moreover, Vera Begun and her family are trailing a train of unpaid debts, bills, and so on - on 600 with more than a thousand rubles, ”said the administration of Omsk.

Vera retorted: the charges in the criminal case were dropped from her, she was not guilty of anything. In 2005-2006, she was convicted of stealing the phone, but the case was terminated after reconciliation of the parties.

The Omsk administration, meanwhile, continued to expose the activist. It turned out that a large family has a house in the village of Davydovka, where she lives. The room in the demolished barrack Runner did not belong, but was a municipal property. Yes, and Vera is not so poor as it seemed: together with her spouse she owns three land plots in the Omsk region with a total area of ​​about 20 acres.

Bailiffs tried to recover from a large mother's debt in 600 thousand rubles. They came to her room in the emergency house shortly before the demolition, but they did not find any valuable property to confiscate to pay off the debt.

As a result of a long confrontation with the authorities, Vera Begun managed to knock out a comfortable apartment in the new house from the officials.

Skillful manipulator

“She is an orphanage, envy of prosperous people has been formed over the years. She has a gift to manipulate. She first showed herself when she defended her home, pickled it - and she liked public attention: against this background, something leaped inside her, people noticed her, began to turn to her for help. The runner was taken to help them, but mostly she organized demonstration actions: she came to officials with children, with TV people, scandals, ”says Yury Nosarev, investigator for particularly important cases of the investigation department of the TFR in the Omsk Region, in an interview with

“According to the experts, the runner from childhood has expressed such characteristic features as demonstrativeness, theatricality, a tendency to dramatize, exaggerated expression of emotions, self-centeredness, the desire to be in the center of attention and gain recognition from others,” follows from the case materials.

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In the summer of 2016, the runner wanted a car. The choice fell on Mitsubishi Galant, owned by her friend Eric Aleev. On July 22, she asked an unsuspecting young man to take her and Berdnikov to the village of Nemirovka.

The road went through the forest, and there a couple attacked the driver. He was tied with his feet to a car with his feet and dragged 200 meters across the ground.

When the car stopped, Erik managed to untie his legs and tried to run away, but Berdnikov caught him, beat him, then tied his hands with a rope and put them in the trunk. After driving away into the woods, Runner made Eric dig a hole with a metal plate.

“This will be your grave,” the woman told her victim. On her instructions, Berdnikov began to beat the young man with a stick. He hit at least 30 on the head and body, according to the case file.

Eric was held hostage until he rewrote the car for a runner. Putting him under the castle, the couple sat in Mitsubishi and went "on business."

The runner went to 21-year-old Maxim Krasnoperov, with whom she grew up in a foster family. Shortly before this, she rewrote her house in the village of Davydovka for fear that the bailiffs would take him for debts.

“They had a good relationship, he even called her mother. But someone told her that he allegedly wanted to appropriate the house, and the Runner decided to punish him, ”investigator Yury Nosarev told

Revenge runner, as shown by subsequent events, was terrible.

Vera and Berdnikov took with them another former pupil of the orphanage Alexander Rybalov and arrived in the evening of 23 July 2016 of the year to Maxim, who lived with his girlfriend Marina [name changed] in Omsk.

The young man was beaten and thrown into the trunk of a Mitsubishi Galant, his girlfriend was seated in the salon. They were brought to the same house in Davydovka. The runner ordered Rybalova to force Marina, and Berdnikov kept Maxim in such a way that he would look at it.

“In order not to see what is happening, Krasnoperov tried to close his eyes with his hands, but Berdnikov, so that Krasnoperov continued to look, struck the latter with at least ten punches to the body. Everything that is happening on the cell phone camera was filmed by the 13-year-old son Runner, who was at the crime scene, ”the case file says.

After rape, a girl and a young man were tied to a battery. Vera demanded three million rubles from them, threatening that the video would otherwise be posted on the Internet.

“This money is very heavy for him, he lives on welfare. Now he hates her. Before his eyes, his girlfriend was raped, he doesn’t want any indulgence for the runner, he wants to be punished, ”said the investigator.

Maxim and Marina spent two days attached to the battery, and then managed to free themselves and fled from captivity. And his "mommy" in the meantime, more and more into the taste.

Vera Runner in court. Photo: frame video GTRK Irtysh / YouTube

On the night of 28 on July 2016, Runner and Berdnikov came to their friend Polina [name changed], also from children's homes. The girl was nursing at this time with the baby, whom her relatives had left. Vera threatened to kill her and ordered her to go with them. Polina was brought to the same Mitsubishi in an apartment, where for one and a half months she had to engage in prostitution.

Berdnikov met clients in the yard, escorted to the apartment. During the day, the girl took five to six customers, they paid about a half thousand. All the money was taken by the Runner.

Healed buried

“Detects signs of hysterical personality disorder. The ease of hurt feelings, including against the background of hysterical attacks, ”the conclusion of the forensic psychiatric examination of Vera Begun says.

The police detained Rybalova on suspicion of an apartment robbery, in which he participated with Vera and her lover. He went to cooperate with the investigation, and the Runner accidentally found out about this.

Rybalov's fate was decided. Late in the evening on August 8, 2016, the accomplices gathered to deal with the traitor. On the matter, the couple brought with them the owner of Mitsubishi, Eric Aleev, who from July 22 sat in their custody even after he gave away his car. The frightened young man was convinced in his experience of the cruelty of the Runner and her partner, so he resignedly followed all their instructions.

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They took Rybalov to the forest and brutally beat him with a hammer. He admitted that he had told the police about their crimes. For several hours he was beaten by turns Berdnikov, Eric and Vera.

“The runner struck a hand in the face and, grabbing the victim by the hair, began to pull at them ... The defendants tied Rybalov’s hands and tied to one of the trees with adhesive tape. After some time, they untied it from the tree, beat it again, sat it in the back seat of the Mitsubishi car, arrived at the lake, where they were beaten again. Then they returned to the forest and forced them to dig a hole, ”the case file says.

Rybalova was buried alive in this grave, but he did not die, he tried to get out. The earth above the grave was moving. Then Berdnikov dug it up and shoved it into the trunk. The murderers decided to find a well and dump Rybalov still alive there. But then they changed their mind and re-tied the guy to the tree. Vera and Berdnikov left Eric to watch over the victim, while they themselves left. The prisoner stood tethered for five hours. Then Rybalova again sat in the car and drove to the village Davydovka. But along the way, the hostage died, and he was buried in the forest.

Vera Runner in court. Photo: frame video GTRK Irtysh / YouTube

"She can do anything."

Nobody searched for the missing orphanage Rybalov, and his testimony did not seem to be very interested in the police. At least, law enforcement did not bother the runner. Believing in their impunity, Vera and her lover finally lost their fear.

“Berdnikov broke into X.'s apartment and, under a false pretext, informed the latter that his son owed him 500 thousand rubles. H. informed Berdnikov that his son had died, and he was unaware of the debt. Hearing this answer, Berdnikov struck the victim with at least six punches to the face, at least three kicks to his right arm, at least two kicks to his left arm, and at least three knees to the chest. Berdnikov demanded that H. hand over the keys to the Infiniti FX35 to him, which the victim did, ”the case file says.

This crime happened 28 February 2017, revealed it almost by accident. The police during the patrol of the territory heard calls for help from the window of a multi-storey building. Rising into the apartment, they found a beaten man. He told about his friend Vera Begun, who came to visit him with an unknown man, who beat him and took the keys from the car.

12 April 2017, Vera Begun and Berdnikova were arrested. They were charged with apartment robbery and theft of two cars. After Begun was behind bars, Eric decided to tell investigators about Rybalov’s monstrous murder.

“She is able to intimidate people, she just has a gift. Everyone was afraid of her, because they knew that she could do anything. Eric confessed about Rybalov’s murder and told him where he had been buried. When Eric was held hostage, the Runner impressed on him that he should commit a murder. She made Eric beat Rybalov, explaining that otherwise he would be the same. He was dragged along the ground behind the car, they were forced to dig a hole, they were taken in the trunk, so he was really afraid for his life. We cannot distinguish between the injuries that each of the participants in those events inflicted to Rybalov, so all three were charged with the murder, ”explains investigator Yuri Nosarev.

The runner and Berdnikov used the constitutional right not to testify against themselves and were silent during interrogations.

“A chronic mental disorder, dementia, or other mental state of the psyche, which deprived her of the opportunity to realize the nature and danger of his actions, the Runner did not suffer and does not suffer from those at present,” the experts concluded.

In December 2018, the court sentenced the mother of many children to three years in prison for robbery and theft of two cars.


For one and a half years, the Runner was silent, and then began to put forward different versions of his non-involvement in crimes.

“We all checked them, but they were not confirmed. She, for example, said that at the time of the crime she was at the reception of the prosecutor, and that was at two in the morning. The husband did not know anything about the crimes Runner, was on earnings. He was shocked when he found out the truth. He is a good man, he loves children very much, although the two elders are not from him. He took everyone to his room when their mother was arrested, ”says the investigator.

Currently, Begun and Berdnikov are being tried simultaneously in two courts. In the Kirov district court of Omsk in the criminal case of the abduction of Eric Aleev and the robbery of his Mitsubishi Galant car. And in the Omsk regional court began the selection of jurors in a criminal case for all other episodes, including murder, rape and other serious crimes. Together with Begun and Berdnikov, Eric Aleev will be tried for the massacre of Rybalov.

In the Kirov court one of the first was interrogated by the witness Maxim Krasnoperov, in front of whom Rybalov raped his girlfriend. He said that in the runner’s house that day he saw Aleev lying on his stomach with his hands tied. According to him, the prisoner's back was “like one big wound, as if the skin had been torn off: the wounds on the shoulder blades, shoulders and hips were deep”.

Krasnoperov also remembered that in the runner's house some Dmitry Kotov guarded them, whom Vera intimidated with threats to harm his family.

“It seemed to me that I was there for a year,” the witness said in a trembling voice, reliving the events of the two-day captivity.

At that time, Begun and Berdnikov, who were behind the bars, smiled and whispered, as if unaware of what was happening.

Runner with kids. Photo: frame video GTRK Irtysh / YouTube

"I do not deal with criminal matters"

Vera Begun, who is in the SIZO, through her lawyer Alexei Slobodchikova, answered the questions of "". We publish excerpts from the letter of the accused while preserving the spelling and punctuation of the author:

“I myself was raised by the adoptive parents of the Krylovs (guardians) who raised children, about 23 people. I helped [foster] children who were previously raised (...) by the Krylovs. After the departure of these individuals [pupils] from the family to the orphanage in 2011, I supported [them] and tried to give love and family care with my three children and spouse. (...) After their release from the orphanage, they came to me in Ryabinovka, in a one-room apartment on 32 (square) meters. I sheltered them.

I learned from my sons that they [the orphanage children] are doing, and besides, they are corrupting my children with lecherous actions in the absence of me, not being embarrassed by a minor child, my darling daughter. I took action, and we, in coordination with the spouse, gave permission [to them] to live (...) in the house in Davydovka, which my family and I built ourselves from the base. (...) Having caught them, [they] promised me that they had stopped - and I believed. (...) Behind my back, they committed theft and [engaged] in sales and drug use. I didn’t have time to keep track of everyone, since I have my own children. Moreover, I still fed a little breast.

In Ryabinovka, on the football field, my son met Sasha Rybalov, whom his sister drove out (...) He himself [Rybalov] a pupil - also from some children's home - and studied at a school. The guy is very kind, responsible, calm, and most importantly, he looked at the world with love, despite (...) his position. They immediately became friends with my son and [Rybalov] told his misfortune that there was no place to spend the night. (...) Having met [Sasha], I simply could not refuse him in a temporary shelter in her apartment in Ryabinovka. (...)

We really fell in love with the boy - and he respected our values, in particular, a full family, mother and father. Began to call us brothers and parents, and we treated Sashulka in the same way. (...) We accepted him into our family - as if he is our child. He was 20-21 year. These people learned about it [orphanages] and were not happy. They began to mock him, humiliate and so on. I cut off strictly any immoral attitude towards Sasha, and I saw jealousy from the latter. They threatened Sasha in my absence, to which I talked [with them] in a strict form, [spoke] not to approach Sasha and not to touch the guy.

I do not deal with criminal matters, I am not interested in criminal actions. Accordingly, somewhere to catch me is excluded. So they went around differently, using these people [orphanage children] to achieve their goal. What they did. When I had a fight and disassembly on personal motives between the defendants (...).

[With the help of] unscrupulous investigators, prosecutors, and so on, [and also with the help of] legal proceedings from fabrication to false witnesses (...) me and Berdnikov were convicted of three years of real imprisonment. Aleev turned out to be a crook and drug addict (...). I was familiar with his family. He again turned to me for a stay, as he left home and quarreled with his mother. (...) I could not refuse, damn it! (...) Aleev sold the AUTO for drugs and now wants at the expense of me to return [property] to myself fraudulently and [with the help of] an agreement, patronage of operational workers (...). They fabricated everything in one day - as many as 12 episodes. With these persons made [c victims].

Not only that: while I and Berdnikov [were] in shackles and [us] were convicted, Aleev with steel participants talk about the corpse and the death of our Sasha Rybalov and hang [murder] on us. They say such horrors that they did to him during the murder - his hair moves. (...) My intention is not clear then: for what purpose do I offend the boy, who did not do anything wrong to me, nor to my children, but exposed all these scum (I can’t tell you otherwise ... izvite emotions). He interfered with [them], and they removed him, since the boy was not from the cowardly.

But the bodies do not want to listen - they say that they are not interested; straight to me they say. They do not want to find out and get to the bottom of the truth of circumstances, because they know the essence and understand that if [new facts] are discovered, the heads of the participants in this whole story will fly (...). I am now more aware of our justice. (...) The corruption system has made it incredibly easy to fabricate false accusations (...) God forbid me to be free to expose all this nonsense accusation I will show and tell people about many things. ”

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