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Opinion: for which we should thank each other in the era of coronavirus

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Sometimes thoughts come to mind, and it is not clear where they left from? But once visited, then according to a long-established tradition and according to our agreement, I put them, girlfriends on the page ...

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I suddenly thought that we all, people, well, if not quite all, but very many, perhaps even do not understand what is happening around. Media is bombarding us with information about the lack of gloves, masks, morgues, coffins and lung fans. Everything in the world is bad, but it will be said to be even worse ... before it gets better. And that is probably true. Often, after the operation, the doctor tells the patient that at first it will be bad, and then gradually will go to improvement. So it happens. And here it will probably happen the same. The curve will creep up until it crawls. Then, I think, there will be a peak, for a while it will harden up, and then slowly crawl down. Slowly, with short and short stops, even jumps up again, but already insignificant and short. And please do not ask me if I am a scientist and how I know this. Just skip your ears or take a note in your memory. And then we all look at what happens and discuss it.

But this is not the main thing, and today I am not talking about that.

Using the fact that thousands of people read or at least read me, and even send them to their friends and acquaintances, I want to express my gratitude to all those who save lives today. And these are not doctors, and not nurses: I already wrote about the fact that I consider them all heroes.

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This is you and me.

Are you surprised? I, too, froze on the run when this thought struck me. And we are because we sit at home (many of us are in different cities and countries), giving the opportunity for the disease to manifest itself in those already infected. We, having reduced communication with each other to a minimum (which by the way turned out to be not so easy and unaccustomed), we provide vacant places in hospitals and ventilators for lungs to those who need them. Yes, not everyone has enough, yes, the workload on the medical staff is huge, yes - they were not ready for such an epidemic, yes - we have to re-equip ships, military bases, even gyms for field hospitals ... And this despite the fact that the vast majority of us are sitting at home and these - at the cost of life - do not take up space.

We are experiencing some inconvenience, this is also true. All houses are twenty-four hours a day, there is not much to eat and where to go for a walk. Some have nowhere to go. And this is a great moral burden on all family members. You constantly need to talk about something, and many do not know how and do not know what. All the time the children need to be occupied or separated, when there are several of them, and they, as at least some kind of entertainment, while playing, attack each other, like any cubs or wolf cubs. Well, and of course, cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing and a lot of everyday things that used to be done imperceptibly and habitually. And now…

But, nevertheless, I want to say thank you to everyone who keeps their resentment, anger and indignation directed at the guilty, to themselves. We will deal with the guilty later. They will be revealed. It has always been that way. Maybe not right away, but they will not sit out in the bunkers for the rest of their lives. This international quarantine, while the disease is sorted out, they understand how to treat it, make enough tests and invent a vaccine, today is probably the most effective measure in the fight against the virus. And those who take it lightly are already paying a high price for their carelessness. We are also familiar with these examples. And about the experiences of countries where they tried to drive everyone out onto the streets instead of distance, spend as much time as possible together, in crowds, so that everyone would quickly infect each other, get sick and the people developed a collective immunity to this virus - we also know.

Therefore, I think that for the most part we are great fellows. And despite the dissatisfaction and unsatisfactory assessment of the work of many services, adherence to conspiracy theories and a general distrust of "truthful reports of what is happening" rushing from all refrigerators, televisions and sewers - we still managed to pull ourselves together, discipline ourselves and sit at home in on a global scale. Just think about how many hundreds of millions of people did it at the same time. When was the last time that happened? Do you remember? Me not.

Therefore, in conclusion, I want to repeat: in this way we do not just suffer from boredom and suffer from the inability to live as before, but we ... each of us - saves someone from death. We do this every day, not really knowing who we saved today. Who because of this had enough room in the ward and a ventilator for the lungs so as not to suffocate. And the doctors, although in a hurry, risking infection, still managed to examine everyone and prescribe what was available ...

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Pathos? May be. But sometimes, it seems to me, we should not only praise the police, nurses, and other important people in our lives, but also give credit to each other for being able to moderate our ardor, hide pride and discontent inside, and do what is right now necessary. And save yourself, maybe ... And save people. This is exactly.

Thanks to everyone. And a deep bow to you. And I'm serious. Without a shadow of irony. Honestly. I swear! ..

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