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Opinion: why we ourselves are to blame for the mass executions in the USA

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Again shooting... And again people are dying. And again, some shout that it is time to limit the sale of weapons, while others, again, convince everyone (including themselves) that the weapon does not shoot - people shoot. Police report how quickly they arrived and responded. Everyone around in front of the cameras tells what kind of killer he was, good / bad, smart / stupid, educated or not. They say that he was part of the community, always polite, courteous. And that they are neither sleep nor spirit ...

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And parents sob about the dead children. They, the parents, will never recover from this loss, they will live at least a thousand years. And wives forever part with their husbands. Someone loses a brother, sister, father ... A surge of indignation, speeches, condolences, a funeral ... and everything returns to normal until the next incident.

And, of course, the question "who is to blame?" raises to the crest of a wave of mourning new prophets, talkers, talkers, scoundrels and scoundrels who use someone else's tragedy to score points in the election campaign or to establish themselves in their organization, whatever it does. To appear sympathetic, understanding, empathic. One of those who are near, who will always help and therefore - you need to vote for him ...

In search of the culprit, everyone points the finger at someone. There parents, school, police, and fellow practitioners bullied, and the doctor did not heal, and the teacher did not finish his studies. And every time, like in a computer game, everything goes according to a similar scenario. People die and nothing changes. And it will never change, because no one wants to take the blame and name all the true culprits of every tragedy. Doesn't want to, because it hurts, scares and imposes responsibility. And besides, it distracts and interferes with the fight for the prohibition of “use-sell-wear” in their free time from work, filling their leisure with this.

So who is still to blame and why is this happening? These are two different issues, although they are related.

Everyone is to blame.

All the people who surrounded the killers in everyday life and did not sound the alarm on time. Unfortunately, we are sick with a deadly disease called tolerance or, more simply, “it doesn’t soar”. We call things whatever you like, but not the names we should. Therefore, the bloody killer is called a victim of difficult circumstances. It turned out that he was a child ... Bullshit, bullshit and dog crap. Everyone in childhood was injured in one way or another, but very few of the children who grew up bought a machine gun and went to shoot, to crush fellow practitioners or visitors to the bar during their difficult childhood.

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We were re-trained from normality to tolerance, which is what kills us. We ignore the obvious signs of danger. All animals, birds, insects even convert, but we no longer do. Millions of years of evolution that have taught us to avoid those who are dangerous to us - down the drain. More precisely, not so. We just avoid the one who is dangerous to us or may be dangerous, and even sometimes signal to others about this: teachers, police, doctors. But they are infected with the same thing. And they do not want to risk their reputation, poisoned by tolerant indifference, for which you will still have to pay with your life, or, God forbid, the life of someone who is nearby. You will definitely have to. Today or tomorrow. It cannot be otherwise. This is how life works, whether we like it or not.

Again we go to the people. What is there? There are proverbs and sayings that are thousands of years old.

“How many rope does not twist, but the end will be”, “What you don’t watch, you will answer for that”. And a ton more others in store for this case. Anyone can search and find.

So what am I talking about? I mean that no shooter takes a rifle after breakfast and doesn’t go to mass shooting just like that. For months he has been warning everyone about this, directly or at least indirectly. But no one, including those who should, move. Everyone drowned in tolerant slops and sometimes emerge from them only to say:

“It's not scary, it will resolve itself”,
“It’s not dangerous, it will be better”,
“He had a difficult childhood and you should definitely take that into account”,
“This is the fault of his fellow practitioners, they hounded him,”
“Let medicine do him, he needs help”,
"It's all unfortunate love to blame"
“This is all overlooked by inattentive parents”,
"This is not my business, not my city, not my country, not my planet ..."

... and dive back. Until the next execution there, it is relatively safe, warm and comfortable, and everyone around them is just as colorless and spineless. Everything around there on liberal snot is insisted and tuned to endless patience.

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Everyone is to blame. Everything around. He, the future murderer (and, of course, the victim: after the whole world finds out about him, either a bullet in the head, or his whole life in a prison or psychiatric hospital), he called for help a hundred times. He sat aloof on the Internet and thoughtfully studied all the previous executions. He wrote somewhere that it's good to be a hero, no matter how your heroism manifests itself. He prepared for a long time and to many around, directly or indirectly, he informed and signaled his readiness. But the slops are thick, and the brains, on the contrary, are liquid. Nobody cares, and society as a whole does not encourage those who raise the alarm, even if the situation that became a cause for alarm then ends badly for someone.

Yes, there are signs of alienation of youth from society.
Yes, computer games spur cruelty, and even sing it, turning it into a habit. Even if only in the game so far ...
Yes, I want to be a hero, even if I have to pay for it with my life.
Yes, I want to lead the situation at least once in my life, and not be under her control forever.

Yes, all this, undoubtedly, factors provoking actions. But parents cannot (if they are not in a tolerant coma) notice strangenesses, teachers cannot suppose, schoolmates cannot read what they wrote on social networks, they cannot feel loved ones nearby.

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We are all guilty, including the media, for making an unknown person an hour ago a star on TV. Perhaps, if no one knew about his "feat" outside his city or village, the shooter would not encroach on other people's lives. And so, at least for an hour, at least from the grave, at least at last, but still a hero. He wiped his nose to everyone who did not see him, did not hear, did not understand, tormented, ignored, did not love, did not make friends with him. Otherwise, it did not work, because somehow, everyone finally learned about its existence. They found out and will not forget for a long time now. It is good to. But they will forget and quickly. Not counting those who lost their lives because of his urgent need to somehow declare themselves to the world. He simply did not find a better, less bloody one, and others did not suggest.

That's all. And the weapon has nothing to do with it, and a hard, joyless childhood is not a reason ...

And for all of us, it’s unforgivable to regret anti-human cattle every time and call them victims of the system. It is precisely because of this gentleness, warmth, and asleep vigilance that we go to the cemetery more often than we would like.

And until everyone from the coma comes out together and begins to carefully look around, not only waiting until the red traffic light turns green, but also squinting at the ripening tomorrow’s murderers of our spouses, children and relatives, nothing will stop and it will only get worse. Otherwise it cannot work out.

When everyone is uncomfortable (not out of hand, unusual, not fundamentally, ashamed, there is no need to worry, useless to honk ... and a hundred more excuses, instead of one correct action - to sound the alarm, as if the last day of life has come), and tragedy happens. And we will have to go through hundreds, or even thousands of the same, until everyone wakes up. But we won't wake up - that's what we need. For sloppiness, companionship and public shameful demonstration of helplessness, for the demagoguery that flows like rivers around every case of mass execution.

It's really a pity for the killed. What are they for? And parents and children of the orphaned too. What can you do? When the sentries are asleep, the enemy army thus receives an invitation to the camp - and there you can do whatever you want: if you use a bayonet, if you burn it with napalm, or if you fall from a musket.

Someone said that this only happens in war. Where are we now? Is it not in the war for survival where only those who have a chance have a chance? And where are we, friends and comrades, if not in war, for life, for conscience, for truth, for the future of our children and grandchildren? Where are we? It would be very interesting to know. Very very…

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