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Opinion: why popular cities in the USA are not the best option for living in immigration


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Those planning to immigrate to the United States are primarily considering big, popular cities. Why you should think twice before moving to one of them - says the author of the blog "Bender's Word from America" ​​at Yandex Zen. Next - from the first person.

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In addition to the obvious factors like work and study, I would like to discuss other equally important aspects that will help when choosing a city where you want to initially start your American path.

Russian-speaking population. First, you need to decide whether you want to communicate with the Russians upon arrival, so that they help you get used to it and somehow support it at first. Each American city has a different number of "friends".

For example, Chicago has a huge Ukrainian community. In New York it is Russian, although in some ways even Soviet. There are many Armenians in Los Angeles (they say there are more of them in the US than in Armenia itself). There are again a lot of Russians in Miami. And yesterday I myself went to La Jolla beach in San Diego and met three Russian-speaking couples in 30 minutes, so there are enough of ours here too.

Someone, on the contrary, does not like this idea, they immediately want to merge into American culture, make American friends, a girl or a boyfriend, therefore they avoid compatriots. Communicating only with your own people is also a comfort zone from which you need to get out. But I'm still stuck on this step.

City safety. For example, there is the city of Chicago. It is the third largest in the United States, with huge opportunities for work, study, there are many of their own. It is an iconic city with great history and interesting sights.

But at the same time, one such fact as the highest crime rate in the United States negates all other advantages.

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Even Trump has called Chicago a war zone. There are constant wars between groups of Latin Americans and African Americans. Every weekend 6-8 people are killed in shootings, on some days much more.

Climate. A factor that seems at first glance not very important.

“It doesn't matter whether it's snow or heat, palm trees or mountains, I want to live in the USA, the rest is not important,” you say. But personally, when I left, I considered this issue carefully, as I realized that I would not want to spend any money, especially in the first year, on clothes for different seasons.

Imagine that you come to some New York and you will have four seasons: even getting dressed properly will cost you a pretty penny. We are not yet talking about the fact that in cold states people get sick more often, which means they often go to doctors.

For example, in California, the change from summer to winter is not very strong. Here is literally the year of the groundhog. Someone may not like this either, but on the other hand, one trip to the mountains for snow takes two hours, so the problem can be solved.

Original column published on the blog. "Bender's Word from America" on Yandex Zen.

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