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Point of view: why we should all unsubscribe from 'successful' bloggers



The most painful thing during a coronavirus pandemic is, of course, to watch wellness bloggers. Even before they were imprisoned at home, they undermined the faith in themselves of their subscribers, but now they have completely gone mad and turned into a devastating disaster, writes a Kiev columnist LADY.TUT.BY Evgenia Plikhina.

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Here, let's say, there is some Oksana - a fitness star, a culinary expert, a beauty consultant, the wife of a copy of the young Marlon Brando and “mommy of three beautiful angels”.

She has thousands of followers and an action-packed runaway story writer. At a time when all borders were open and you could safely lick the swings in the playgrounds, Oksana managed to go to Madagascar for a face-building conference in a week, start a good deeds and a thin ass marathon and teach all subscribers about vaginal orgasm and porridge without lumps.

It was a little annoying, because it seemed like you were just a homemade ficus in a mortar against the background of Oksana - you weren’t doing anything, only slightly decorating stale repairs.

Now, when Oksana's only way out in people is stories, double slippers have come to subscribers. The dose of self-flagellation and feelings of guilt doubled, because Oksana went into self-development without leaving the living room. And he teaches everyone the same. She now has a sofa - a convenient crossbar for pumping the upper press, and the sugar bowl is a dumbbell. It's scary to think how she will abuse the breadbasket when she finds it ...

Oksana gets up, as a rule, at dawn: she has a salutation to the sun, standing on her head, dog walking, an enema from oats infusion, training, webinar and live broadcast. Two live broadcasts.

On the day off, there will be three and a question-answer session after Giveaway.

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She also manages to read business literature, teach organic chemistry with tiny children and beautifully fold her legs on the torso of a young husband with the signature "sleepy noki."

Her entire blog is full of activity and energy, and her life seems surprisingly fruitful even in prison. And she is always very beautiful - muzzleless and puffy.

How so? Why is there so much movement? After all, Bozhenka came up with a bathrobe and YouTube in case of home isolation. Maybe Oksana is not a man at all? Not God's creature? After all, not a single subscriber has ever noticed how she sleeps or cries because she ordered a cake with cherry, and not with strawberries. Yes, she doesn’t even eat these pies! Exclusively asparagus and walnut nothing.

You look at Oksana from the height of the third chin, thumb through her stories with a finger smeared with cheese. Instead of yoga, you have a stiff side, instead of a set of exercises - a doomed sigh, and instead of concealer - a stain from squash caviar.

And what to do with it is not clear, the Oksankins efforts do not motivate you at all. Well, I do not want to pick up my stomach and run a hundred and one flights of stairs after someone did it in the story. This does not work. I want halva and unsubscribe from everyone on whom summer jeans converge.

And, you know, that's fine. You should not be motivated by ideal people with a licked page in social networks, because it's all theatrical, without a crunch backstage. Bloggers show only oat infusion, hiding the cake. And cake, as you know, is 70% of our lives, including the former, breakfast and TK from the boss.

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Therefore, the next time you come across a live broadcast of a person who will tell you how to learn English and get married in three weeks, close this cacophony immediately.

You do not.

This tryndezh will not lift you off the couch, but will do everything to make you sad on the couch. If you want to run, you will run. If you want to get married, you will get out. If you want to become Oksana, you will. In the meantime, sit at home and be who you always dreamed of - a lazy ass.

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