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Opinion: why we need to learn how to protect geniuses

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Suddenly, for no reason, no reason, an inspiration came. I understood why we are here. Our main task is to get in touch with genius, natural and human. Through her, we connect with the highest, divine, eternal, call it what you want. This idea was always at my fingertips, but somehow the main conclusion did not crystallize. And suddenly…

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The genius of nature is all around us. Unfortunately, man has dirtied most of the planet, but still, even so, we see and use the incredible beauty and generosity of what is around. I will not list. He who opens his eyes, let him see.

I want to dwell more on the human. She, nature (God, fate, the universe) periodically sends geniuses to us so that they can establish a communication channel. This is Bach, and Tchaikovsky, and Pushkin, and Nikola Tesla, and Leonardo da Vinci. Well, for starters, humanity is not particularly willing to accept them for who they are - guides, connecting links with eternity. We, in essence, are barbarians (you can explain why for a long time), and as a result, we have always treated in a barbaric way and still treat invaluable gifts. Someday, in the distant future, everyone sent to earth with the great purpose of opening the chakras and saturating people with joy and happiness will be guarded as the most valuable thing on the planet. They will not be burned at the stake for reporting that the earth turns. They will not be ridiculed, they will not need to prove to anyone who they are and why they are here. They, like fragile flowers, will be in special conditions, giving each of them the opportunity to show their genius, to do, in fact, what they were sent here for.

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And we, those who finally understand their role, will then use the fruits of their labor. Whether it will be music, prose, poetry, palaces, bridges that violate all laws of physics, whether flying cars, passenger submarines, space trains to travel to a neighboring inhabited planet to meet friends or relatives. It will all be tomorrow. And today, unfortunately, we do not know how to value what has been created so far, and we forget who we are, who they are, and who should do what here.

Of course, I really want to be a genius. But they cannot be or become. It's like a letter. You receive it in the form in which it was sent. Received - use it.

We have not yet been taught the respect for nature and its gifts. Be it bees and honey, Niagara Falls, the great pyramids (it is unclear by whom and how they were built, and why they still have not drowned in the sand) or the Amazon jungle. And there is no need to talk about a careless attitude towards human geniuses. Write a list of one hundred great people and see what they did to them. Horror. Haunted, killed, not accepted, fired, driven, ridiculed. And who lost this? They are? We. If Pushkin had lived seventy, not thirty seven, can you imagine how much more he could write, and Lermontov, and Mozart?

So, back to the beginning. I realized that our task is quite simple. Open all the channels of information reception available to us and, having discovered a genius, make it the task / goal of his whole life to save, advance, encouragement, in the end. They are very often not protected from human meanness, greed and hypocrisy. They do not always know how to live in our three-fold crooked mirror. And our task (at least of those who agree with me) is to notice them, find them and… again, save them.

By the way, by saving them, we are saving ourselves. Without them, we would still reign among the monkeys: no one would ever have realized that a stick and a stone can be combined - and you will get something new, useful, valuable, previously unseen. Although for the fact that he realized and shared the idea with the people, he was sometimes beaten to death with the same stick and stone: “Do not stick your head out. We know how to do it. Smart guy, you know, found. Teach us. Ha ha ha ... "

I suppose that there have been over the past hundreds of thousands of years, and those that no one ever knew about. They were killed, tortured in childhood, by blindness and unreasonableness, depriving themselves of a gift of immense caliber. Who were they? Brilliant mathematicians, scientists, fabulists, rock art artists? I do not know. But sure they were.

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From the good news: they will still be and, most likely, will always be. The very fact of how we relate to them, whether we put them on a well-deserved pedestal, is a reflection of our education, intelligence, a litmus test of our development, adulthood, if you want. And until we irresponsibly squander the great gifts of the universe, and there will be a mess on our earth and madness, which we observe every day and hour, wherever you look.

What if the solution to this seemingly unsolvable problem is so simple and right under our nose? And it was always there. And we did not know and were looking there. Or did not search at all.

What if this is so? But what if I accidentally guessed? What if salvation is near?

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