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Opinion: why medicine in the US is the most expensive and ineffective in the world


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Many say that in Russia everything is terrible with medicine, but in the USA everything is super. In the United States, there is no health care system, rather, it is a system of paid medical services, writes Evgeny Koval in his column on Yandex Zen.

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Let's start with an ambulance. It is more like a "taxi" to the hospital than an ambulance. Funding for emergency medical care in the United States is carried out: by municipalities, bills from the patient's insurance companies and through donations.

For transportation to the hospital, you will be charged from $ 200 per person (it depends on the state, it can go up to $ 800). There are also free ambulances, but they do not work everywhere. For example, it costs from $ 10 to check the brain for concussion on an MRI machine in a US hospital, and an X-ray - $ 000, examination by a specialist from $ 500. At the secondary examination, where they can report that you are healthy - $ 170.

The vast majority of hospitals in the United States are private, like prisons. And they are completely independent of the state and each hospital operates independently.

Almost all Americans are insured. Every month, the average American takes a certain amount off his income for insurance. In fact, insurers operate all medicine in the United States and you can get the service as part of the insurance you paid for.

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That is, if something happens, the insurance does not cover all medical services. Therefore millions of people do not cope with huge bills, despite its presence.

Only wealthy Americans can afford full-fledged insurance, the price of which depends on: state, income, place of work and other factors. On average, such insurance throughout the country will cost $ 400, and family insurance $ 1200. And this is not a year, but a month. Regular insurance with incomplete health care costs $ 150.

The client, as a rule, pays for the treatment and medicines on his own. It is the client, not the patient, because it is difficult to call him that. Then he turns to his insurance company and she reimburses up to 80% of the amount.

Nearly 30 million Americans have no insurance at all and cannot afford health care.

Original column published on the blog. Evgeny Koval on “Yandex Zen"

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