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Why immigrants don't like the taste and quality of U.S. milk


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Many newcomers to the country notice that the taste and quality of dairy products in the United States are very different from domestic ones, writes the author of the blog "America under a Microscope" on Yandex Zen. Next - from the first person.

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In this article I want to talk about American milk: how much it costs, what are the pros and cons, which I and many other friends of mine do not like about it.

Why did I stop drinking milk in America

In Russia, I consumed almost a liter of milk almost daily - the habit remained from the village, but in America I stopped doing this. The fact is that in the USA quality natural juices are much more affordable. They are cheap, taste pleasant and most importantly - natural.

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As for milk, here I drink it rarely and only fat. In almost all stores, it is sold in gallons of 3 liters, and is in packages and in bottles, as we have.

Why only bold? The fact is that the taste is more like the one that we drink in Russia.

Skim milk has a smack of dilution, and not only me noticed.

Many of my Russian-speaking acquaintances also agreed. But the Americans like it. Perhaps I just did not find good milk with a low percentage of fat, but there is no desire to go around America in search of it.

The cost of milk in the USA

In fact, American milk is not much more expensive than ours. Most profitable to buy a large package.

A five-liter gallon of quality milk with 3% fat in 2020 cost 7-12 dollars (700-900 rubles). If we divide, we get about 150 rubles per liter of milk. It's in good, trusted stores.

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