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Opinion: when will the patience of Prince Harry end and what awaits Meghan Markle in case of divorce


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Fans of the British monarchy are indignant. On social networks, the number of ill-wishers Meghan Markle is growing, who believe that it destroys the life of Prince Harry and brings confusion to the life of the entire royal family of Great Britain, the author of the channel writes. ROYAL OBSERVER on Yandex.Zen.


Most of the indignant fans of the royal family are outraged that Harry is completely following Megan. He renounced the royal family, having thrown off the duties of a royal person, then left Britain, leaving for Canada. And now they have moved with Megan to Los Angeles, where they are looking for a house to buy, to finally take root on the west coast of the United States. Megan's friends write in their social networks that the actress insists on the birth of their second child in America.

Recently it became known that Prince Harry sold all his hunting rifles, bought a few months ago for 50 thousand pounds (almost 62 thousand dollars). And everyone is again convinced that Megan, who, as you know, is an ardent supporter of animal protection, had a hand in this decision.

Earlier, Prince Harry's statements about moving to the United States surfaced on the Web, where he claims that his life simply turned upside down after leaving the UK, and also complains that he really misses "a friendly life in the army."

By the way, a bonus for the prince: it is planned that Megan’s mother will live with Harry and her daughter after Megan and Harry buy a house in Los Angeles.

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What will Megan get in case of a divorce

Nobody wants to think about divorce, but for a royal family, divorce is a sad reality. Queen Elizabeth II has four children, and only one of them is still married to her first wife. According to statistics, members of the royal family are divorced more often than ordinary citizens, notes author.

But, obviously, love overshadowed the mind when Prince Harry made an offer to Megan, the future Duchess of Sussex. Instead of following the traditional path of millionaires and protecting their assets with a prenuptial agreement, Harry decided his love was eternal.

The situation is ambiguous. Most of the wealth of the members of the royal family of Great Britain is the property of the crown (Crown Estate) and, therefore, cannot be considered an asset after the dissolution of the marriage. However, a divorce in the UK is not the same as in America, where assets are often divided equally between divorcing spouses. In the UK, prenuptial contracts are often just an information document for a judge.

In the case of Harry in a divorce, most likely, the court will only consider assets in the US and the UK, and even then, only those that are his personal property and do not belong to the crown. But even in this situation, Meghan Markle will not remain offended.

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Princess Diana received a lump sum payment of approximately $ 22,5 million from the royal family in the divorce proceedings. Of course, the amount sounds impressive, but it should be borne in mind that the royal family as a whole "costs" about $ 88 billion.

Therefore, in the event of a divorce, the crown is unlikely to leave to the mercy of fate Meghan Markle and her son Archie, who is a full member of the royal family - most likely, they will take care of their comfortable future.

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