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Opinion: What Mistakes Most Mature Women Make


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In pursuit of men's approval, women often forget that, first of all, you need to like yourself and monitor your health, writes blogger Morena_Morana on the website Columnist.

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Day after day our women live in the mode of seduction: they buy push-ups, dye their eyelashes and squeakily go to the gym to prolong their youth.

“If you continue in this spirit,” a colleague once told me when he found me with a bun, “then in five years no one will want you at all!”

I, apparently, should have been frightened by such words and urgently turn on the mode of achievement.

Often for us, “looking after ourselves” somehow means “conforming to the sexual desires of men”. This approach is very exhausting for women. It is so exhausting that they start to rebel.

Think about it yourself. It turns out that I have to give up a juicy steak, a glass of red wine in the evening, take time from my husband and children, from my rest ... And this time taken away I have to spend on some stupid body movements in the gym, after which a stranger and completely indifferent to me will a man suddenly find me attractive? What the heck?

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It is clear that in the head of our woman, brought up on such dubious ideals, rebellion is brewing very soon. She either continues to perform the feat day after day, and the pushup becomes more powerful, and the tonal layer is thicker, or she simply scores on the opinion of men. Hence, all the movements of body positive women. They are great, they are already one step higher than the ladies concerned about their ideality.

Because it is really easier and cheaper to go to rest in Egypt, or there in Bashkiria, than to come closer to the standard of female beauty. The woman understands that this is a shorter way to achieve the goal than 40 hours of healthy lifestyle per week and three plastic surgeries, one of which is with implants.

We add to this the fact that our woman does not sit on her butt evenly, looking out for scarlet sails, but, on a par with men, experiences the hardships of life. And from these hardships, by the age of 35, her shoulders begin to ache, the seventh vertebra is covered with fatty and fibrous growths, and new and new health problems are strung on all this, like on a spit.

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It would seem that this is the time to go to the gym, to the pool, to Pilates and massage. But our stern woman does not know such words.

Our woman is generally inclined to take care of everyone - her husband, children, grandchildren - just not herself. She does not like to maintain her health and does not know how, and to take care of herself for her means a 10-centimeter hairpin, push-up and a layer of mascara on the eyelashes.

Meanwhile, absolutely everything deteriorates and falls into disrepair if it is not done in time. So our beautiful and sacrificial women with osteochondrosis, weight dangerous for the internal organs and other age-related delights are walking. And they do not know, do not even suspect that something can be done with them. How do I get the time, where? Without me, everyone will be lost, bend over, they won't heat the cabbage soup!

But you want to be beautiful. Therefore, instead of taking care of their health, ladies sit in an expensive push-up, smearing their faces with expensive cream and waiting for happiness. And some even gave up, tired of jumping around the weak male libido.

Well, if the day comes when you understand - this is not necessary ... Taking care of yourself is something fundamentally different from pushup. This is something that you do just for yourself.

Original column published on the blog. Morena_Morana on the site Columnist.

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