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Opinion: how will humanity change after a pandemic, isolation and hundreds of thousands of deaths

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


- Nothing will change, - said the devil, - everything will remain the same. As long as a person is alive, he will be who he was born - a person….

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- And what do you think it means to be human? - it was already me, with a question ...

- Well, what, - the tailed beast perked up. “It means never being satisfied with what you have. Always wanting more and more and more. Walk over the corpses, not shying away from anything, no deception, no forgery, no blackmail, no theft, no bribery, no temptation, not even murder. Man has always been like that from the first days of his existence. Time changed along with it - the ways of interacting with other individuals, at first clumsy and simple (to break the opponent's head with a club, for example, and take his skin, or ... wife, or food supplies), became more and more sophisticated, keeping pace with technology.

And today, instead of a cudgel, an inquisitive schoolboy is sitting somewhere in a basement, far from everyone, in Penzyukamensk-Krivodolsk and requisitioning money from bank accounts of unsuspecting bourgeois. And if he does not bury himself and quickly curtail the operation without bragging about it on all black, illegal Internet platforms, then he may well get rich and not even be caught. And if he is caught and extradited to the country of the victimized citizens, then, most likely, they will conclude an agreement with him and put him in a secret bunker to work for the government. The days when serious hackers were sent to jail are over. Probably, they still figured out that they were much more use free.

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- And what, even this virus and pandemic, and isolation, and fever in the economy, and thousands of dead people, in your opinion, will not change anything?

- They won't change anything. Now, if half of humanity were extinct, or better - three quarters, six billion, I think, then perhaps the remaining ones ... Although there is still no certainty. But it seems that this time there will be no such general plague, which means that no drastic changes should be expected.

- What, none at all?

- As I said, there will be no cardinal ones. Yes, some ministers and other managers will be fired. Shuffle the deck. Someone will be rewarded. During his lifetime or posthumously. Scientists and paramedics will learn something new, make discoveries, rise to new heights of knowledge on the bones of the dead ... Someone will get seriously rich knowing how to manipulate the market or simply buying up cheap real estate that will go on sale, since bankrupt pay her. New businesses will open, as the smart ones are always on the alert and will offer the people new ways of communication, new Kill the Virus games, a new vaccine, a new way of delivering food.

Someone will be entangled in the next debt obligations, pulling out of the crisis and borrowing billions from bottomless pockets on favorable terms for the borrower. Someone will be forced to cede a piece of land, a country, or sign a contract that they did not want before - in exchange for food, medicine, equipment, easing of sanctions, any know-how necessary to save people. Everyone who is at the trough will, as always, play the political card that will help them to be elected or re-elected, to put their own people at the helm and give them their fill of the bounty they have taken away from the people ...

- And people, ordinary people, will gain anything from everything that happens?

- They won’t win anything. As a group, nothing. Ten thousand will get poor and one will get rich. In general, no one is interested in specific people in this situation, as in any other catastrophic, by and large. You people have always been and will be pawns in a big chess game where there are only two stakes: money and power. And since money is power, it turns out that the rate is generally the same. She is power and is. Everything else - dust, fog, shadow on the wattle fence, media hype, masks, gloves, vaccines, research, sending planes with essential goods and surplus stuck in dusty bunkers, and statistics that always dust the brain. Equal and must-have score in the popular tug-of-war game. This game is eternal, and there is always a winner in it, even if he is different in each round.

- That is, we, as the species that inhabited the planet Earth, are doomed?

- I don't know if they are doomed, but an idyllic picture (in which no one thinks how to tighten a noose around a neighbor's neck, take away, divide, redistribute, hide ... and everyone walks the streets cheerful and happy, singing and dancing from an excess of goodness and love), I do not foresee in the next thousand years.

- And then, after a thousand?

- Then ... we'll see what happens. Unless, of course, the Earth withstands this abuse and is not blown up or poisoned by completely insane human experiments. Maybe they will learn to live in peace. May be…

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- That is, there is still hope? - having almost lost hope, I asked.

“I don’t know,” the tailed beast dodged again. - Maybe there is, although I have a drop of faith, looking at what has been happening in the last five thousand years. And the drop is very small ...

- What are you all the same evil rubbish! - I wanted to say, but did not have time. More precisely, I managed to say something, but there was no one next to me. The horned, foul-smelling creature with burning eyes disappeared, and I said everything into the void.

And woke up at the same time.

For some reason, his eyes were wet, as if it was raining and they absorbed a mass of heavenly moisture. Well, all right, I thought, even if I dreamed all this, and even if he, the devil, did not hear me. What if millions of people praying for forgiveness and salvation will still be heard and we will not have the terrible fate of the next thousand years, or even longer? Suddenly we will understand something and we will regain, we will correct ourselves and grow wiser ... Can this happen? Well, everything cannot be so gloomy and hopeless. After all, they must save us. Who! Yes, anyone. Angels, aliens, protectors of heaven, souls of the departed, somebody ...


I was even afraid of how I screamed, and from this cry the mountains shook and for a second the sky was covered with black clouds. There was a thunder, perhaps as an answer from the heavenly forces. I flinched ...

And at that moment I woke up completely.

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