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Opinion: what will Meghan Markle do if Trump is re-elected


Source: "Stars, stars and asterisks" on Yandex.Zen.

Today, November 3, is the day of the US presidential election. During Donald Trump's previous election campaign, when he ran for his first presidential term in the United States in 2016 and competed with Hillary Clinton, Meghan Markle spoke very negatively about Trump and supported Hillary, the channel's author recalls. "Stars, asterisks and asterisks" on Yandex.Zen.

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To the extent that self-proclaimed feminist Meghan appeared on Larry Wilmore's TV show in 2016, she called Trump a misogynist who ignores women voters and divides society. And at the same time she said that if Donald Trump wins the election, then she will emigrate from the United States for the entire duration of his rule.

It was easy for a second-rate actress to make such statements. First, who would listen to it. Secondly, she then starred in Canada in the series "Force Majeure", in the United States there were raids, in which case she could sit in Toronto for all four years, while Trump was at the helm, where the shooting took place.

By the way, Trump apparently did not know about those speeches of Megan. Because when cunning British journalists unearthed this information - already when Megan was the Duchess of Sussex and a member of the royal family, to which Trump came on an official visit to London, the President of the United States, to put it mildly, was surprised and replied: “I never thought that she hates me so much. "

Then he apologized for a long time and said that he was misunderstood. And what to do, not to spoil diplomatic relations with Great Britain because of some upstart who was lucky enough to hook the prince?

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Well, and then it became obvious to everyone that Megan is the mistress of her word. I wanted it - I gave it, I wanted it - I took it back. So she did not keep her promise to "emigrate", returning with a clear look to the United States during Trump's rule.

And she even began to intervene in politics again, unequivocally campaigning for Trump's rival in the current elections. She also connected her spouse, Prince Harry, who complained that he could not vote in the UK and did not do it even once.

Tellingly, technically, Harry could vote in his homeland. It is not formally forbidden to him, just the royal family considers it their duty to observe neutrality in this sense. And if he really wanted his voice to be “heard”, he could fight for his rights in his historical homeland.

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In addition, one should not discount the fact that Harry has long known Trump's opponent, Joe Biden. The Biden spouses actively supported Harry's charity initiative - Games of the Unsubdued - in the United States.

Oh well.

Now many are asking the question: what will Meghan Markle do if Donald Trump wins the election?

Never mind. Anyway, the Daily Express reports:

“Of course Megan will be upset. But she will still remain in the United States, at her home in Montecito, with her husband and son. They seem to have decided to start working for their new charity, Archewell, and will continue to fight racism, address mental health issues, and promote more positive use of social media. ”

Something like this ... What do you think?

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