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“I'm still scared”: Ouspensky’s daughter stated that she was abducted at the direction of her mother


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The daughter of the singer Lyubov Uspenskaya Tatyana Plaksina on the air of the show “Let them talk” talked about how she was abducted at the direction of her mother. According to the girl, after that incident, she still lives with fear of persecution, writes "".


The main character of the next episode of the “Let them talk” show on Channel One was Tatyana Plaksina, the only daughter of singer Lyubov Uspenskaya, who, after a recent scandal with public accusations of her mother on television, moved to the United States. In an interview with talk show host Dmitry Borisov, the girl, in particular, admitted that she had “run away from herself for a very long time,” and also stated that she did not give up her harsh words about Uspenskaya.

“The last thing I want is to take intimate moments of life out of the hut. It was a cry for help. Now I am in a different position. I have never denied my words, it happens in families, this is not some extraordinary case, ”Tatyana explained.

She also expressed indignation at her mother’s decision to tell the media about the terrible accident she had several years ago: the daughter of the famous artist, while in Costa Rica, unsuccessfully fell off her bicycle and suffered serious injuries - including her jaw.

“I honestly don’t understand why she told the Russian media about my accident. She just picked up and told. When I arrived in Russia, it felt like I had come to a scary show. Took behind my back and told, it was the next blow, - complained 30-year-old Plaksina. “I see that there is an open war going on against me.” And all this ended with clinics. ”

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Tatyana also answered the question of what exactly confused her in the behavior of her mother. Speaking of this, the girl, among other things, accused private detective Maxim Zabolotny, who worked for Uspenskaya, of kidnapping.

“They get into my personal correspondence, try to follow my steps so that I don't say anything. But I have to speak, because they speak so much against me. Who is following my phone? I suspect that this is Maxim Zabolotny, a certain detective who kidnapped me returned to mom through the abduction, ”said Plaksina.

According to Plaksina, the mother’s behavior in this situation is due to the fact that she is worried about her own reputation.

“I still live with this fear of persecution, abduction, it doesn’t go so fast, of course, I’m still scared. When I feel bad, I turn to dad, friends, the Most High. There are people who support me, I’m not alone, ”added Uspenskaya’s daughter.

Zabolotny himself appeared on the air “Let them talk” - the detective confirmed that he really contributed to Plaksina’s return home, but denied Tatyana’s words about the abduction. In addition, he stated that - at the request of Ouspenskaya - he was trying to save her daughter from employees of another television company (it’s probably about NTV, more about this story here and here), who allegedly held her for several days in order to create a current discrediting both of them -show.

"[I] is a private detective, my agency was looking for Tatyana and [her] returning home. No one abducted her. She fell into the hands of not-so-good people who took advantage of her condition, - [this is] the employees of another television company, [it was done] so that she would give such an interview, ”said the detective. - Assumption hired me. There was a standard family quarrel, after which Tatyana left, and it turned out - what happened. She was not at home for three days, then she was released. It was a concern for the daughter. "

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At the same time, Plaksina herself, talking about Zabolotny, stated that he had allegedly been in prison earlier and - fulfilling the order of Uspenskaya - grabbed her by force: “He is a criminal sitting behind bars. I was seized by force, this is a crime. ”

At the same time, Zabolotny called these attacks on Tatyana’s side “a slander”: “No one went against her will - they introduced themselves to her and only after that [they took her home]. When I took it, I said that we were taking her to my mother. ”

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