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The youngest daughter Valery Meladze broke her neck


Source: Limon postimees

It became known about the injury of Valery Meladze's daughter Arina. On her Instagram, the girl told fans that she broke her neck by posting a photo from the hospital. The daughter of Valery Meladze spoke about her condition, writes Limon postimees.


The next day, the youngest heiress Valeria Meladze shared the details of her condition. Arina noted that she really got a fracture, but everything is not so bad. The girl wished the audience all the best and thanked them for their care and attention.

“Many thanks to everyone for the words of support! Everything is not as bad as it could be: one vertebra is broken. All health in 2021. Be careful! ”, - wrote the 18-year-old girl.

Photo: Stories screenshot

Arina did not specify how she was injured. However, subscribers suspect that everything could have happened on the ski slope. According to rumors, the girl is fond of extreme sports and could unsuccessfully make a descent.

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Note that in addition to sons from Albina Dzhanabaeva, Valery is the father of three daughters from a previous marriage: Inga (29), Sophia (21) and Arina (18).


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