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The baby died from a deadly kiss-transmitted disease.


Source: CNN


The newborn girl lived only 18 days and died from a deadly infection that she could get through a kiss. Reports about it CNN.

Shane and Nicole Sifrit from Iowa gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl in June. A week after her birth, the couple got married. But a few hours after the wedding, they noticed that the baby Mariana does not eat and hardly wakes up.


Concerned parents turned to doctors, and the girl was hospitalized at Des Moines hospital. Doctors diagnosed Mariana with viral meningitis, which was caused by the herpes virus HSV-1.
HSV-1 is the same herpes virus that causes cold sores, and only rarely does it lead to viral meningitis. This virus is dangerous because, when infected, it migrates into the human nervous system and inflames the tissues that cover the spinal cord and brain. Early symptoms of viral meningitis may include fever, photosensitivity, headache, and a stiff neck.


Doctors have suggested that the girl could get a deadly virus from a kiss. Parents were examined, both have negative results for this virus. According to the doctors, the child could have been infected by someone else.
The couple issued a warning about the potential dangers arising from the fact that parents allow strangers to kiss and hold their newborns.

“Keep your children isolated, don't let anyone see them, and make sure they wash their hands all the time. Don't let people kiss your baby and make sure they don't pick up your baby without your permission, ”Sifrit told other parents.

Mariana was transferred to the Blanca Children's Hospital, where she was hooked up to life support systems, as her organs began to fail.

“Teams of specialists in kidney, liver, blood, a team of neurologists are working on it,” Shane Sifrit told about the state of health of his daughter.

16 July Nicole Sifrit wrote on her page in Facebookthat doctors give disappointing forecasts. Mariana's liver can no longer recover and, most likely, the girl will not recover, she already had to do dialysis.


Doctors have suggested that the girl will have to spend at least another month in the hospital, but now they can assess the damage to her health from the virus.
On Tuesday, July 18, in the morning 8.41 Mariana died.

“Our Princess Mariana Reese Sifrit received her angel wings at 8:41 am this morning in the arms of Dad and Mom, who were next to her. Now she no longer suffers and is with the Lord, "Nicole Sifrit said on her page in Facebook.

“Children are often infected with this virus, but it does not always lead to meningitis. The first two months after the birth of a baby is very important as this virus spreads very quickly in infants and has serious consequences, ”said Dr. Tanya Altman, pediatrician at California Pediatric Hospital. Calabasas.

“Thanks to everyone who followed her small life and supported us during this ordeal. 18 days of Mariana's life had a big impact on the world, and we hope that we can save the lives of many other newborns by telling our daughter's story, ”Sifrit wrote in his message to Facebook.

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