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Mister 'Eurovision': Philip Kirkorov will try to conquer the competition for the 11th time



People's Artist of Russia Philip Kirkorov will go to Eurovision-2021 from Moldova. The performer said that he entered the team of the singer Natalia Gordienko and was preparing a song for her. About ten attempts of the king of Russian pop music to conquer the largest song contest on the planet

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In January the organizers of Eurovision confirmed that the competition "will definitely take place this year." The rules for the event were amended to take into account any level of the epidemiological situation. For example, recordings of performances will be allowed to participate if the artists are unable to travel to Rotterdam or are isolated after arrival. Participants from some countries are already preparing for the long-awaited Eurovision Song Contest.

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People's Artist of Russia Philip Kirkorov announced that he will go to the competition from Moldova. He will produce performer Natalia Gordienko.

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"Yes! Now officially! We are going to conquer Eurovision-2021 together with Natalia Gordienko from Moldova! Our international team - Dimitris Kontopoulos, Ilyas Kokotos and Fokas Evagelinos - is preparing a very sweet premiere! A new song is coming soon! I am sure we will surprise you. We are starting the countdown, "Kirkorov wrote on Instagram.

The representative of Moldova at Eurovision-2021 is an experienced participant in various music competitions and festivals. In 2006, a native of Chisinau already took part in Eurovision in a duet with Arseniy Todirash (Arsenium). With the song Loca, the couple took 20th place out of 24 participants. A year later, Gordienko won the New Wave festival and took part in the Vitebsk Slavianski Bazaar. In 2009, the Honored Artist of Moldova reached the final of the local selection for Eurovision, but withdrew her application due to family problems.

All over the world, the only two-time winner of the Johnny Logan contest is considered the main mister "Eurovision". The Irish musician triumphed in 1980 and 1987, and in 1992 Linda Martin took first place with Logan's song Why Me? In the domestic show business, the nickname Mr. Eurovision was attached to Kirkorov, who appeared at the competition as a participant, producer, composer and commentator.

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In 1995 Kirkorov represented Russia in Dublin with the song "Lullaby for Volcano". He performed under the sixth starting number and took 17th place out of 23 participants. The Grand Prix of the competition that year was won by the Norwegian band Secret Garden with the song Nocturne.

Then Kirkorov concentrated on producing Eurovision participants from various countries. In 2003, the artist helped a Ukrainian Alexander Ponomarevwho performed in Latvia with the song Hasta la vista. In the final of the competition, he became 14th. At Eurovision 2005 Kirkorov was a producer Angelica Agurbash, which represented Belarus with the song Love Me Tonight. The artist took 13th place in the semifinals and did not make it to the final.

Kirkorov achieved his first success in producing in 2006, helping Dima Bilan in Athens. The Russian with the song Never Let You Go received 248 points and took second place, losing 44 points to the Finnish group Lordi.

Screenshot: Eurovision Song Contest / YouTube

In 2007 Kirkorov wrote for a Belarusian Dmitry Koldun music to the song Work Your Magic. At the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, the performer took sixth place, which was the best result for the entire time of Belarus's participation in the competition.

Screenshot: Eurovision Song Contest / YouTube

A year later, the artist produced Ani Lorak at the competition and became the composer of her song Shady Lady. The representative of Ukraine took second place, and Bilan became the winner. In 2009, Kirkorov was a commentator for Eurovision in Moscow.

Screenshot: Eurovision Song Contest / YouTube

At Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen, the singer was an assistant to the sisters Mary's и Anastasia Tolmachevand also became one of the composers of their song Shine. The winners of the Junior Eurovision 2006 in the adult competition became the seventh.

In 2016 and 2019 Kirkorov was the leading assistant Sergey Lazarev and composer of his songs You Are the Only One and Scream. In both cases, the Russian became the bronze medalist of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The artist also produced the Moldovan band DoReDos at the competition and wrote the music for his composition My Lucky Day. In the Eurovision final in Lisbon, the group finished tenth.

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