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Mrs. Trump vs. Mrs. Trump: The Scandal between the Wives of the President


Source: USA Today

In an interview with ABC TV channel Ivan Trump, the first wife of the current US President Donald Trump and the mother of his three children said that she was the real first lady of the country, writes USA Today.

It sounded, most likely, as not the most successful, but very daring joke. However, Melania Trump did not stand aside and gave a worthy answer. It all started with Ivana Trump's admission that she did not want to call the White House, although she had such an opportunity. According to Trump's first wife, the reason for this reluctance is Donald's wife Melania. “I don’t want to be the cause of jealousy, because after all I am Trump's first wife. I'm the first lady, ok? ”Ivana told reporters.

Chief Communications Officer Melania Trump released the first lady's statement, saying that Ivana Trump is thus seeking to gain attention and publicize her book. “Ms. Trump (Melania - ed.) Realizes what an honor it is to be the first lady of the United States, she seeks to use her role and title to help children, and not to sell books,” - said in a statement.

Recall that Ivan Trump was the wife of Donald Trump from 1977 to 1992 years. They have three children - Donald Trump Jr., Eric and Ivanka. Ivana has written a book on marriage with the president and the upbringing of his children, which she plans to publish in the near future.

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