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'Bear, pray': what do his wives, children and friends think of Efremov's sentence



The case of the famous artist, whose investigation lasted all summer, attracted the attention of the whole country: while some were sure that the perpetrator of the accident would be able to avoid the maximum term, others called for mercy, noting that Efremov had no place in prison. What do friends, colleagues and other famous people think about the artist's sentence?

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"Well, is everyone happy?"

Actor Mikhail Efremov, who arranged a fatal accident in the center of Moscow, sentenced to eight years in prison in a general regime correctional colony.

After the verdict was announced in the Presnensky Court of Moscow, the actor's wife Sofya Kruglikova did not leave the courtroom until her husband was taken away by the convoy.

"Mishka, pray, Mishka," she shouted after the artist, and then burst into tears, burying herself in the shoulder of the wife of actor Ivan Okhlobystin.

Okhlobystin himself, who the day before the verdict was pronounced, appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked to spare his colleague by personal decree, laconically spoke about what had happened. The artist posted on his Instagram account a picture with Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, captioning the photo with the following words: “Well, everyone is happy ?! Eight years". However, the actor quickly removed this emotional post, and during a conversation with journalists after the trial, he called the sentence to Efremov “very painful”.

Ivan Okhlobystin in court. Screenshot: BBC News - Russian Service / YouTube

The daughter of the 56-year-old artist Anna Maria Efremova also turned out to be laconic - she reposted the news about the sentence to her father with the caption: "Well." Having previously tried to react to what is happening with a certain amount of irony, she then posted another publication: "It will be very strange if with such parents I do not become a writer or rock musician." In the comments, the daughters wished him strength, and also asked if she would wear parcels for him. “Yes, of course,” replied Anna Maria.

"This is the work of attorney Pashaev"

During the trial, many public figures and relatives of Efremov expressed bewilderment about the shocking and constantly changing his line of defense lawyer Elman Pashayev.

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Colleagues and friends of the artist were worried that it was the odious lawyer who either urged the client to write down an apology, or asserted that the actor had not been driving a car at all on the day of the tragedy, would become the reason for a serious term for Efremov. As a result, the actor was found guilty under clause "a" of part 4 of article 264 ("Violation of traffic rules by a person driving a car, committed in a state of intoxication, resulting in the death of a person by negligence") of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. According to TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, the punishment under this article usually does not exceed five years.

“If it were not for the swindler Pashayev and all these changes in testimony, it would have been four or five years, and quietly in two or three years would have been released on parole, when all the“ foam ”would have calmed down, having withstood the test with dignity and completely repentant. Strength for the family and for Misha himself to survive all this, ”said Ksenia Sobchak.

The TV presenter added that with his testimony, the artist turned a huge number of people against himself. In her opinion, he naively listened to his lawyer, whom Sobchak herself considers a swindler.

“I think Misha could not come to terms with the fact that he would have to get some real term, and this is all madness,” said the journalist.

The writer Marina Akhmedova agreed with the opinion that such a serious period can in part be considered a "merit" of Pashayev. “Mikhail Efremov, alas, was jailed for eight years. The minimum term under his article is five years. And three more - this is probably the term for which the judge would have imprisoned his lawyer, if he could, ”she wrote. Former mayor of Yekaterinburg, Yevgeny Roizman, also joked that "they threw a five for a lawyer."

Screenshot: BBC News - Russian Service / YouTube

Actor Ivan Krasko said that Efremov's behavior disappointed him. He noted that Elman Pashayev "made an idiot" out of his client, and the artist himself allowed himself to be manipulated, even while sober.

“Well, thank God, they gave me a real term. I did not expect. He turned out to be a “shape-shifter”, but I was holding him for a man! ”- said Ivan Krasko.

The ex-wife of Efremov, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, accused Pashaev of the term that the artist received.

“I'm just crushed, horror. Misha will not stand such a punishment. I would like him to have the courage to part with Pashayev, ”the actress shared.

Producer Iosif Prigozhin believes that the lawyers "shit cool" on the star: “Maybe Mikhail would have received five or six years, no more. But the fact that his lawyers tortured all the participants in the process and harmed, I am absolutely sure of this, absolutely 100 percent. " According to the showman, Efremov also made a mistake when he refused to plead guilty to the accident.

“He had to admit his guilt, assume greater economic responsibility, work several times more, explain to the court why he should not go to jail. Because Mikhail could take responsibility for Sergei Zakharov's family and for his own, ”said the producer.

"Efremov excluded himself from the list of survivors"

Despite the fact that Mikhail Efremov has the opportunity to get out on parole, some felt that his reputation was destroyed anyway. And the blame for this is not so much the lawyer as the actor himself, who, according to his colleagues, has been abusing drugs and alcohol for many years. So, the musician Sergey Shnurov posted another poem on his Instagram account, in which he called the actor a friend who came to the finale. He recalled that during the trial "only the lazy one did not kick both the citizen and the poet," and said that he himself used to love to embark with Efremov in the "all-night vigil and booze". Shnurov wrote that now he slowed down with a similar lifestyle, while Efremov “consistently drove and stung,” which was the reason for such a terrible tragedy.

Photo Shoot: shnurovs / Instagram

Alexander Gorbunov, the author of the Stalingulag Telegram channel, agreed that Efremov, who believed in his own “exceptionalism,” ruined his own reputation, although he had a chance to get out of this situation in a completely different way - to admit guilt, repent of what he had done and pay compensation to the relatives of Sergei Zakharov. killed in an accident with his participation.

“No one survived the fatal accident caused by the actor. The driver of the gazelle died on the spot, and after a while due to injuries sustained when he lost touch with reality and aggravated by his own ******* [coolness], the actor himself was gone, "Gorbunov said. According to him, as a result, "Efremov excluded himself from the list of survivors."

After the tragedy that happened in June, sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev spoke most sharply about the situation. He christened the actor a murderer, who has a place in a pre-trial detention center, and called his supporters "fucking actors". "Damn you, bastard Misha Efremov!" - the TV presenter wrote then. Guberniev briefly commented on the latest news and, it seems, was satisfied with the verdict.

“Everything about the case !!!! Let him sit down !!!! ”, - Dmitry Guberniev considers.

"Everyone is equal before the law"

There were also those who sincerely sympathized with the actor, but with a proviso - even though Efremov is a pity, he must still be punished for what he did. People's Artist of the USSR Oleg Basilashvili called the sentence against his colleague fair, since he really committed a crime, and also expressed condolences to the Zakharov family.

“I knew Misha well, he is a decent man, but, yes, he is sick, what can I do. A crime has been committed, they should be punished for him, whoever he is: an artist, an artist, a laborer, a merchant, a businessman - it doesn't matter, everyone is equal before the law, ”says Oleg Basilashvili.

Actor Gosha Kutsenko admitted that it hurts him to be silent about the situation with a colleague, but it also hurts to talk about it.

“Mikhail Olegovich! You have to go through this ... And we all too, ”he turned to Efremov on social networks.

Perhaps, Kirill Serebrennikov, director and artistic director of the Gogol Center, who himself spent a year and a half under house arrest, commented on the situation most carefully and calmly. He explained that he is familiar with both the actor himself and his entire family, so he understands how Efremov feels, who became the culprit of the terrible accident.

“Let all his viewers who know and appreciate his talent, his family, his friends be with him today. We have to deal with this. We must help each other - without malice, without gloating, without hysteria. Just keep quiet and think about these two: about the person who is no longer there, and about the person who is very, very bad, ”the director wrote.

He also urged to regret the artist, because he cannot correct his mistakes.

“This take cannot be re-filmed. Unfortunately, the dead cannot be helped. The living needs support, ”said Kirill Serebrennikov.

Actor and close friend of Efremov Vasily Mishchenko recalled that the actor has three small children. He considered the term imposed on his colleague as a lawlessness, but added that the artist should be punished for an accident.

“How can this be: a meeting is underway, witnesses are heard, and all television channels are already showing. Thus, there is pressure on the judge, and she is no longer able to decide anything. We did just a show. Haypanuli everyone who can, on Misha, yells today, and tomorrow they will forget. And how does he feel? " - Mishchenko was indignant.

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