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Michelle Obama dressed as Beyonce in honor of the singer's 36 anniversary. A PHOTO


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Former first lady Michelle Obama took part in a special photo shoot dedicated to the birthday of the famous singer Beyonce. Friends and family congratulated the star, which 4 September star was 36 years old, a series of original photos, placing them on the official website singer


In the photo sampling posted frames with the participation of Michelle Obama, tennis stars Serena Williams, Beyonce Blue's eldest daughter Ivy Carter and other friends and family members. All women and girls imitate the image of Beyoncé in her music video “Formation,” released in 2016 year. On each of them is a hat that covers the eyes, a luxurious necklace, and hair is braided in braids. All photos are made in black and white.

Houston-born photographer posted a link to Hurricane Harvey's donations page on the same page with a special hashtag #beygoodhouston. It is known that both the Obama family and Beyoncé, on a par with other celebrities, help the victims of the elements that have seriously affected communities in the states of Texas and Louisiana.

Michelle Obama and Beyoncé, who have been friends for many years, have repeatedly told in interviews about the warm attitude towards each other. The singer took part in events organized by the first lady, including sang the US anthem at a ball in honor of the inauguration of President Obama in 2009.

Beyoncé publicly spoke of Michelle as a unique example of a truly strong African American woman, and the former first lady, in turn, in her own Twitter account called the famous singer “a role model for all of us”.

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