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Michelle Obama and Melania Trump revealed the same secret of a happy marriage


Source: New York Post

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, who recently appeared on the Today Show, spoke about relations with Barack Obama after the White House. Michelle told a secret that, in her opinion, helps to maintain a happy union with her husband. It is curious that earlier the exact same secret was voiced by Melania Trump.

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“One of the keys to a successful marriage is private bathrooms,” Mrs. Obama is quoted as saying. New York Post... - When he enters my bathroom, I ask something like: “Why are you here?”, And he answers something like this: “I live here, can I also use the bathroom?”.

In 2015, the current first lady, Melania Trump, in an interview with People magazine called the same secret of excellent relationships.

“The key to a healthy marriage is private bathrooms,” Mrs. Trump said.

But this does not mean, clarifies the publication that she physically distanced herself from President Donald Trump. In 2017, people close to Melania denied the fact that the first couple of the country was sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Now Melania Trump says that she is not disturbed by stories about alleged cases of President’s infidelity.

“I am a mother and first lady, there are much more important things that I need to think about and do,” she told ABC News. "This is not my concern and not my focus."

Photo: ABC News frame

Recall that the other day Mrs. Trump gave an interview, which caused a lot of gossip in the press and the Internet.

According to the first lady, accusations of violence against anyone turn a person into an enemy of the nation without any evidence or investigation. It is quite predictable that such a position has already generated thousands of angry comments. Details and video - here to register:.

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