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Facial expressions, behavior, mood: how security officers evaluate us at the airport


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How to behave in order to calmly pass the security check - says ADME.

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Airport security officers feel like detectives at the post. Still: they need to follow the facial expressions, gestures, behavior, mood and speech of passengers. And to do this so quickly and accurately, so that the crowd can easily recognize the offender. The process of such psychological testing, or express diagnostics, lasts no more than 2-3 minutes.

So what do employees pay attention to and what kind of behavior of passengers will alert them.

Passenger constantly touches a bag

If a person closes and opens a bag or backpack several times without getting all the things out of it, then a reasonable question arises for employees: why is he so fussing? Maybe he is afraid of flying or being late for the flight, or maybe he is afraid of excessive attention, attracting him to himself. Also, gestures that demonstrate excessive nervousness include tapping with your fingers or foot, fingering rosary, keys. And for security, this is a signal.

Blinks and yawns frequently

In addition to the usual anxiety before the flight, such unintended actions as blinking, coughing and yawning can betray someone who is trying to mislead the security service. The closest attention of employees is focused on what you signal with your body. The fact is that a person conveys his intentions like this: 7% - with the help of words, 38% - vocally, in tone of voice, speech speed, and as much as 55% - non-verbal signals. It turns out that the body speaks for you more than language. And this happens without your consent - subconsciously.

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Passenger rubbing his palms often

Such a seemingly ordinary gesture is an occasion to strain for the security service. At the airport, the body is in a state of high alert: it mobilizes, accelerates metabolism and sweating.

The palms of many can sweat, and especially violators, because if a person wants to cheat, he feels shame, fear, guilt. Therefore, this gesture is considered in the context of the situation as a whole. Among those who simply wipe their hands in anticipation of turbulence, there are those who want to quickly slip through the control procedure and avoid unwanted attention.

Crosses arms and legs

This indicates a desire to fence off unwanted attention. The hands held together in the lock indicate that communication is undesirable, the person is as if holding on to himself, looking for support. Barrier gestures are always considered suspicious. Also, by the way, as well as aggressive ones - like clenching a brush into a fist or looking from underneath.

He closed his lips tightly and frowns.

Facial expressions change in seconds, and anger or fear can be reflected on the face and disappear right away - a person manages to take control of emotions. And the expression of the same emotion in people of different cultures may differ.

For example, the Japanese, disgusted, quickly smile, as if apologizing for what they experienced. The Slavs will keep their emotion on their faces for a long time. For this reason, only experienced profilers can read faces. But her tightly closed lips, an asymmetrical smile, more like a grin, a look from below and vertical folds over the bridge of the nose are signs of hidden aggression, it's quite easy to distinguish them.

On the passenger’s head is an abundance of hairpins, bracelets and a complex hairstyle.

The abundance of invisibles and metal bracelets and necklaces will annoy the metal detector, and at the same time security officers. As for complex hairstyles, there is a chance that security officials will ask you to loose your hair to make sure that the passenger is not trying to smuggle something illegal.

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Passenger in a long skirt or cargo pants

With skirts, everything is simple - it is under loose clothing that they most often try to carry prohibited items. Cargo scares with an abundance of pockets in which they either hide something or forget something there, and it begins to squeak heart-rendingly when passing through a metal detector.

Late arrivals and ticket purchases the day before departure

Buying and exchanging a ticket a couple of days before departure will definitely cause concern for security personnel, no less than a one-way ticket. What caused this change of plans? Be prepared to answer this question. The fact is that tickets are often changed and passengers with criminal intentions buy them through third parties.

As for being late for a flight, this technique is often used by people who are trying to smuggle something illegal. They are sure that the attention of the security service is dulled and will be able to slip through. Tantrums from the series “I'll be late!” and requests to expedite the search will also alert law enforcement officers.

Sharpness in answering simple questions

Questions about the purpose and place of the visit are not asked because the employee is bored and terribly interested in learning something new about you. Inquiries are needed to look at the response. Many violators are so inflated that at the initial stage they are ready to surrender themselves with giblets, getting nervous, because the tension is growing.

There is another sign of deception - liars can not resist, so as not to cover their mouths with their hands, as if catching themselves in a lie and trying to return it back. The passenger, who has nothing to hide, will answer informatively and as calmly as possible, but will not touch his face.

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Baggage Inconsistency

During the scan, employees see what is in your luggage. Some items may cause suspicion. In this case, the survey will begin from afar - with the purpose and timing of the visit. So check the contents of the baggage duration of stay in the country and the purpose of the trip. For example, a person who pretends to be a businessman may be asked to show business papers with the most recent date.

The security service must in a matter of minutes classify passengers as non-hazardous or potentially hazardous. Often, law-abiding air passengers also have signs of an alarming unbalanced state, in which case the employees simply transmit information about the overly excited person to the flight attendant so that he monitors his condition during the flight.

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