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Migraine, depression and 5 more misdiagnoses that you put yourself



Check what diseases you attribute to yourself.

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You say, “I have a migraine”

  • Keep in mind: severe headache

We understand the concept: In total, there are more than 400 types of headaches. Almost all of them are associated with organic disorders - tumors or vascular pathologies. But a healthy person usually encounters only two: a headache of tension and a migraine, writes

“It is generally accepted that a headache is always associated with something, such as pressure or ischemia. This is the legacy of the last century. It turned out that bad news, physical strain, overwork, or negative thinking is enough for pain to appear. All this can lead to physiological changes and trigger stress mechanisms. As a result, the sensitivity of perception of pain signals increases, "- this is how Alexey Danilov, professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases at the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, describes tension headaches.

Migraine is a separate topic. Unlike tension headaches, it can appear against a background of physical well-being and mental balance.

“Migraine is not only a headache, but also a number of accompanying symptoms: nausea, vomiting, photophobia. As a rule, migraine is aggravated by various sounds, bright light, physical or mental activity, ”notes Alexey Danilov.

A patient with a tension headache can take a walk and feel relief. With migraine, this number will not work. In other words, you need to experience a migraine at least once, so as never to confuse it with a headache of tension.

You say, “I have depression”

  • You mean: prolonged bad mood, sadness, causeless longing

We understand the concept: Depression is a disease. Therefore, only a doctor can make a diagnosis. Your guesses and conclusions will remain guesses until they are confirmed by a psychiatrist examination.

The number of patients with depression is large, but many do not know that they are sick because the depression is latent or latent, says Valery Shorin, MD, head of the course of emotional stress therapy at the FMBA of Russia.

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Emotional and mental health directly affects bodily health. Patients with latent depression often have a set of chronic diseases that no doctor can help with. Therefore, not a bad mood, but too frequent colds and headaches are an occasion to suspect depression in oneself.

You say: “I got a vegetovascular dystonia”

  • You mean: the diagnosis that explains any condition: from headache to anorgasmia

We understand the concept: Like osteochondrosis, a very controversial diagnosis, characteristic only for domestic medicine. VVD is a streamlined name for any problems with “nerves” and “vessels”. As a rule, it is given to patients who are not satisfied with references to psychosomatics and who wish to hear a more specific diagnosis.

You say: “I have osteochondrosis”

  • You mean: back pain

We understand the concept: “Osteochondrosis is a degenerative disease of articular cartilage and underlying bone tissue. Previously, this term meant a large group of bone-articular diseases. From modern perspectives ... the term “osteochondrosis” refers only to degenerative-dystrophic disease of the spine, primarily intervertebral discs, accompanied by their deformation, decreased height, stratification, ”the Big Medical Encyclopedia says.

That is, osteochondrosis is a rather serious situation that often requires surgery, and not any back pain, as is commonly believed.

“Changes in the intervertebral discs do not always require surgery. But it is not always possible to do with conservative methods of treatment. It is necessary to look at each case separately. Therefore, back treatment often turns into a field for speculation, ”says Alexander Aganesov, MD, head of the spine surgery department of the Russian Research Center of Surgery named after B.V. Petrovsky. “In any case, you should always take care of the muscle corset, strengthen it. For example, swimming, ”the specialist recommends.

You say: "Rheumatism has broken out"

  • Keep in mind: acute low back pain

We understand the concept: Today rheumatism has nothing to do with the back. It was in the XNUMXth century that back pain was associated with muscle inflammation and was called muscle rheumatism. The connection was never proven, but the concept took root in the masses.

Now the diagnosis "rheumatism" can be heard only from cardiologists, but not from vertebrologists or therapists.

"Rheumatism is an infectious-allergic disease with damage to the joints, cardiovascular system, usually accompanied by acute pain," explains the Ozhegova dictionary.

You say: “I have sclerosis”

  • You mean: forgetfulness

We understand the concept: Such a disease does not exist. There are many single-root diagnoses associated with tissue proliferation. For example, atherosclerosis is a disease of the arteries that occurs due to a violation of lipid and protein metabolism and is accompanied by the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. But this process, characteristic of old age, has nothing to do with memory impairment.

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We say: “I have vitamin deficiency”

  • Meaning: depressed mood / feeling unwell due to vitamin deficiency during the cold season

We understand the concept: Real vitamin deficiency is a pathological condition that occurs when there is an acute deficiency of a certain vitamin (monoavitaminosis) or vitamins (polyavitaminosis).

“Sharp” are dropping teeth and hair. The first conquerors of the North and the inhabitants of the African continent died from vitamin deficiency. Nobody was dying from a bad mood.

Another thing is that it is necessary to distinguish elemental melancholy from a serious illness.

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