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California Roll Method: How American Women Fill a Duvet Cover Quickly


Source: Yandex Zen

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to tuck a duvet cover alone. You may be surprised, but there is a simple way that allows you to do it alone without much effort, regardless of the size of the blanket.

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This method of putting on a duvet cover is called California Roll and looks like making huge sushi. Although, some people call it the “burrito method” and even the “sausage method”, the author of Undefined writes on Yandex Zen.

And it is used by staff in large hotels, in which dozens of beds have to be transformed daily.

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A simple way to tuck a blanket into a duvet cover:

  1. Spread the duvet cover turned inside out on the mattress so that the hole in the duvet cover is at the edge of the bed opposite the headboard.
  2. Lay the covers over the duvet cover. Check that all edges and corners are neatly aligned.
  3. Roll the blanket along with the duvet cover into the roll, you need to start folding from the side of the head.
  4. Slide the roll in through the hole in the duvet cover. Zip up if there is one.
  5. Start rolling the roll.

Shake the blanket and you're done!

Watch the video and see how simple it is:

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