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Marilyn Monroe and her unborn children: why the dream of the most beautiful woman of the 20th century did not come true



Marilyn Monroe did her best to get pregnant and keep the baby. But fate decided time after time differently.

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There is a special breed of women who are almost impossible to imagine the mothers of the family, writes Their appearance with diapers, rattles, diapers ... does not fit too much ... The sleepless nights of these fatal beauties - and everyone around is sure of it! - are not intended for vigils over the crib, but in order to indulge in burning passion.

This, according to an absolute majority of fans, was Marilyn Monroe - the sex symbol of America, one of the most beautiful women of the twentieth century.

But Marilyn had a secret - which she, of course, hid, but could not hide. The most famous of all the blondes in the world dreamed of being a mother. But this dream was not destined to come true.

“Make love”

In February, 2017, a series of extraordinary photographs appeared on the Web. Marilyn is absolutely captured on them, and at first glance these photos attract the attention of the belly of the actress. Rounded, rather large, it bulges noticeably from under a tight skirt. Monroe herself fooling around in front of the camera and looks completely happy.

The author of the photos - a close friend of the actress Frida Hull - confirmed: during this shooting Marilyn was really pregnant. 8 July 1960 of the year staged an improvised photo session of a friend, near the Fox Studios studio pavilion in New York.

34-year-old Monroe was then married to writer and screenwriter Arthur Miller. However, the father of the child, according to Hull, was not at all Miller, but Marilyn’s partner in the shooting of the film “Make Love”, French actor Yves Montand.

The marriage with Miller was the third for the actress - and the longest: they lived with 1956 for 1961 years.

The work on “Make Love” started in February of 1960, and a novel broke out very soon between Marilyn and Montana. The fact that both were not free - Montand was married to actress Simone Signoret - did not bother them at all.

By the way, Signoret, having learned about her husband’s infidelity, said a remarkable phrase: “If Marilyn is in love with my husband, then she has good taste. I'm in love with him too. ”

Alone again

Monroe did not advertise her “interesting” position: she was afraid to jinx it. The fact is, a decade later, Freda Hull told that this pregnancy was already the fourth actress.

Earlier, in 1957, Monroe had already managed to get pregnant from Miller and also literally beamed with happiness, imagining how she would hold her adored baby in her arms. But alas: the pregnancy was ectopic. A few weeks later, the actress began to have severe pain, at some point she lost consciousness and went to the hospital. 1 August 1957, she was operated on: the doctors were forced to terminate the pregnancy in order to save Marilyn's life.

The loss of a child was such a heavy blow for her that she fell into a protracted depression, which she tried to relieve with potent drugs and alcohol. "Explosive mixture" played a cruel joke: the actress fell into a coma, and the doctors again had to pull her out of the dead.

Two years later, during the shooting of the picture “Some like it hotter,” which received the name “Only Girls in Jazz” in the Soviet box office, Monroe became pregnant again. And again, fate deceived her: the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. The reason, according to familiar actress, could be too hard work on the film.

Because of the pregnancy, Marilyn looked much thicker than usual, and body stuntlets were used for the photo materials for the film. Then they “mounted” the head of Monroe.

Marilyn and Montana were not destined to see the light either: shortly after Frida Hull took her photos, Monroe went to the hospital, and ten days later she went out of there - alone.

“This miscarriage became her fourth day. Monroe suffered from endometriosis and did everything possible to get pregnant and keep the child, ”said Hull's close friend and friend, Tony Michaels. It was he who in 2016 bought the “pregnant” pictures at a Hollywood auction after 83-year-old Frida passed away.

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Children Lieutenant Kennedy

One day, while declassifying with another girlfriend, Amy Green, Marilyn said that she had a baby in 15 years of age. But since she did not have the opportunity to bring him up herself, the child was sent to an orphanage and then adopted.

Whether this story was true or fictional actress is unknown. However, in January 2000, a man appeared in New York who identified himself as Joseph F. Kennedy. He stated that he was none other than the son of Marilyn and the late US President John F. Kennedy, with whom, as we know, Monroe had an affair.

To the question of journalists about where and how he spent his childhood, the man replied that he did not remember, because "he got into a serious car accident and suffers memory loss." But quickly demanded to “return” to him all the movable and immovable property remaining after the death of the actress.

Here are just the reporters and lawyers so-called Joseph did not believe. Very much his story was like a fraud. Especially since it was for the sake of something to try: after all, Marilyn’s post-mortem state, according to experts, increases annually by 5 million dollars.

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