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'I have no right to stop': Larisa Dolina criticized because of an interview 10 years ago



Larisa Dolina said that her driver violates traffic rules only if necessary, writes

Photo: video frame YouTube / alexey grigoriev

An excerpt from the program "100 Questions for Adults" ten years ago has not lost its relevance in 2020.

Against the background of the recent fatal accident, in which actor Mikhail Efremov became a participant, media representatives began to closely monitor the stars of Russian show business, irresponsibly related to the rules of the road. An excerpt from the program "100 Questions for Adults", which was released in 2010, is gaining popularity on the Web.

In the video, the student asks singer Larisa Dolina what she would do if she were stopped by the traffic police - would she try to solve the problem as an ordinary citizen of Russia, or would she use her position as a star?

“They don’t have the right to stop me,” the singer said self-confidently in 2010.

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As it turned out, Dolina’s car was especially “marked” by high authorities, and it’s supposedly really impossible to slow down the traffic police. As for the rules of the road, her driver, according to the singer, violates them “only by very urgent need”, say, if the star is late for any shootings.

The video is actively distributed on the Internet and causes only outrage among commentators. I would like to believe that Dolina’s position on road safety, as a special position of stars within the framework of public life, has undergone changes over the past ten years from the date the program aired.

In light of recent events, Internet users have reacted sharply to such statements. While social networks sharply condemn the Valley and are even going to boycott her work, a representative of Larisa Alexandrovna and her husband part-time got in touch with journalists.

“Look at the calendar for what year it is. If you have any grandmothers discussing this, then you will discuss this with them, ”snapped Ilya Spitsyn in a conversation with REN-TV.

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