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Melania Trump cultivated a vegetable garden in a shirt for $ 1380. A PHOTO


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Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, established a large vegetable garden near the White House and systematically tended it. Since 2009, the vegetable garden has grown considerably and has constantly “supplied” food to the family's table. Now the Obama business was continued by the wife of the 45th US President Melania Trump.

When Melania settled in the White House, the pessimists said that the new mistress, who was not seen in the love of gardening and horticulture, would not be interested in growing vegetables and weeding the beds. Melania once again surprised everyone - and a few days ago with American students from Boys and girls club seriously engaged in the cultivation of the presidential garden.

It is noteworthy that for such a pastime, Mrs. Trump chose a shirt worthy of the first lady - a checkered model from Balmain worth 1380 US dollars. Of course, these are not twenty-year-old homemade T-shirts or old husband’s sweaters that most of us wear to work in the garden, but it’s impossible to imagine the first lady in such clothes.


Even the shade of the garden gloves worn on Melania was matched to the color of the shirt. Black pants and comfortable sneakers looked great. old school Converse.

Melania did not shy away from the dirty work - together with the children she planted seedlings into the ground, weeded the beds and gathered the first crop. After the first lady talked with teens about nutrition and the right choice of products for a healthy lifestyle.

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