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Melania Trump urged Americans not to neglect masks in the heat


Source: Voice of America

US First Lady Melania Trump urged Americans to continue to wear face masks in public places, despite the hot summer months, writes Voice of America.

“Even in the summer months, please do not forget to wear masks on your face and maintain a social distance. The more precautions we are taking now, the more healthy and safe the country will be in the fall, ”wrote the first lady on Twitter.

The first lady has previously published her photos in a mask. And recently, she constantly wore it at official events.

On the subject: Melania Trump turned to the Americans and showed how to wear a protective mask

Her appeal caused a wave of indignation in social networks, because Donald Trump, other White House officials and, until recently, the first lady herself, neglected this remedy.

For the first time, Melania spoke about wearing masks in early April.

And President Trump first appeared in a mask in public quite recently - on July 12, during a visit to the Walter Reed Military Hospital.

The reason for this change may be the attacks of the Americans, who criticized the president and his wife when they appeared without masks on meeting with veterans, thereby exposing the elderly to danger of infection.

Since the start of the pandemic in the United States, more than 3,5 million cases of coronavirus infection have been identified, and the situation remains tense - over the past day more than 48 thousand infections have been registered. Over the entire period of illness in the United States, more than 138 thousand people died.

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