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Why did Megan Markle and Princess Diana turn to psychic for help


Source: The Daily Mail

The celebrity makeup artist has publicly thanked his former client Meghan Markle for recommending a “truly gifted” psychic.

Does this confirm that Megan visited a medium, as did her fiancé princess Diana's mother? Journalists The Daily Mail expressed their assumptions.

Spencer Barnes, a make-up artist from Los Angeles, posted on his Instagram a photo of the British prince's bride in curlers and makeup, and in a commentary on the picture expressed gratitude to the former actress for giving him the contacts of Richard Wien, the 72-year-old psychic in whom Barnes found "Strong friend".

Spencer Barnes. Photo:

The make-up artist, who also worked with many Hollywood stars, did not specify how Markle was associated with Win, but the fact that she gave his contacts hints at Megan’s possible references to psychic (which, by the way, takes 250 dollars an hour for his consultations).

The specialist in question does not have a website because he “prefers privacy,” as Barnes told reporters, and new clients find him through recommendations.

Barnes also congratulated Megan on her upcoming wedding, calling her love story "a fairy tale from real life." Reporters have asked Kensington Palace for comment, but no response has yet been received.

Medium for Diana

It is known that Princess Diana used the services of mediums and psychics (for example, Rita Rogers from Derbyshire, and could talk with her on the 10 phone hours, as the close princesses told her), seeking their spiritual guidance and support.

Clairvoyant and healer Simone Simmons was also very friendly with Princess Diana, writes StarHit. Psychic and Lady Dee met in 1993 year at the clinic of alternative medicine. Gradually, the wife of Prince Charles began to trust the woman many of their secrets, and she increasingly remained in Kensington Palace. They could communicate with each other 10 hours a day. Simmons knew a lot of details about the personal life of the royal family.

Simmons, who published several books about Princess Diana, was also aware of her novels. According to the psychic, Lady Dee was never in love with billionaire Dodi Al-Fayed, who also died in a fatal accident with her.

“Men like Dodi have never been attracted to Diana. I am sure that there was nothing serious between them, ”said Simona.

According to the healer, Diana had a completely different relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. According to Simmons, the princess loved a man because he was intelligent and caring. However, they never managed to start a family, although Lady Dee was ready for this. The couple broke up.

Until the end of her days, the representative of the royal family had warm feelings towards Prince Charles, despite the fact that they were already divorced. Simona believes that their life could have been different if Diana were a little older when she got married.

“She loved Charles until her death. Of course, Diana was angry with him, but she never stopped loving. After a breakup with Hasnat, she even assumed that she and her ex-spouse had every chance of reuniting. However, Camilla would not have allowed this. In 1996, Diana even asked Charles to "make Parker Bowles an honest woman" and marry her, "said Simone.

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